I-MAG Video and Barco OLite/DLite for Rascal Flatts nationwide tour.

I-MAG Video and Barco OLite/DLite for Rascal Flatts nationwide tour.
  • Nashville-based I-MAG Video has selected Barco OLite 510 and DLite 7 LED tiles for a groundbreaking immersive video structure, on the set of Rascal Flatts spring and summer Me and My Gang tour.
  • In addition to audio and lighting elements, the set is comprised of two main video components the Hero wall and the Halo structure. The Hero is a conventional flat LED wall using 50 Barco OLite 510 tiles in a 5 x 10 portrait array, 15 wide by 22 tall. The wall is centrally positioned at the rear of the stage, with its base approximately 6 above the stage floor. Directly at floor level and center stage, 22 additional OLite tiles frame the garage, a small combination LED wall and door that conceals the bands piano underneath the risers.
  • Dubbed the Mothership by the Rascal Flatts crew, the Halo is where the set gets unconventional. Comprised of 225 Barco DLite 7 tiles, the Halo forms a huge circular crown suspended above the top of the stage. The structure extends out and around the entire stage and tapers down to the sides, but leaves sufficient room for a lighting truss within. Using custom aluminum frames designed by Los Angeles-based All Access, the 17 DLite tiles are arranged in a checkerboard pattern with tiles spaced 20 apart, but with tiles placed on both sides of the frames. With over 65,000 pounds of audio, video and lighting equipment in the air, the net effect is a 3D immersive experience, with video visible on both the inside and outside of the halo for optimum sight lines. Even though a checkerboard of LED tiles is used, the viewers eye nicely resolves the image.
  • In conjunction with I-MAG, the set was designed by Bruce Rodgers of Tribe, Inc., a highly regarded designer for the entertainment, concert and television industries. I did last years set for Rascal Flatts, said Rodgers, but this year, we wanted to introduce something new something with a completely odd aspect ratio for an LED wall. We presented three options to the band, all based around LED video imagery. And in the end, they went with the most daring of the three ideas. The decision to use Barco tiles was based on direct product comparisons, and the OLite and DLite tiles were the clear choice. Theyre crispy, perfect and beautiful.
  • Scott Bishop, North American Tour Sales Director for I-MAG Video, commented on the use of Barco equipment. Our goal was to create a digital experience unlike anything thats been seen before on a country tour, said Bishop, and with this structure and the versatile tiles, it really takes us up to a different level. I-MAG has Barco LED products in use on four concert tours right now, including Rascal Flatts. Its a very reliable product and completely state-of-the-art.
  • We are the first North American video touring company to use DLite 7, ILite 6 and now OLite 10 on Country Tours, added Steve Daniels, I-MAGs President, and we have been very impressed with its performance and readability.
  • Chris Alderman, Production Manager for the Rascal Flatts tour, underscored the key reason that Barco OLite and DLite tiles were selected. The one thing weve noticed about the Barco products theyre really roadworthy, said Alderman. To do a production the size of what we have out there now, if it wasnt roadworthy and durable, with the rigors of setup and teardown, we wouldnt be able to do the show. Visit www.i-magvideo.com for more information.