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CEDIA Unveils New Future Technology Pavilion

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN—Showcasing emerging trends and cutting-edge home technologies that are expected to impact the electronic systems industry in areas such as entertainment, sustainability, and digital home health, the new Future Technology Pavilion will debut at the annual CEDIA EXPO, to be held September 22-26 in Atlanta, GA. To complement the Future Technology Pavilion, CEDIA’s Technology Council will also present four panel sessions, including HDMI Hot Seat and Digital Home Health: What It Is and How It Affects Us All.

CEDIA’s Future Technology Pavilion will take attendees through a multi-room exhibit, with each segment designed to resemble a separate room in the home:

  • Future of Entertainment (home theater)— This section will offer a worldwide exclusive look at the integration of 3D, 9.1 surround sound and motion seating in one setting.
  • Sustainable Lifestyles/Energy Management (garage)—This section will highlight how consumers can make their homes more environmentally friendly by monitoring and reducing energy usage.
  • Digital Home Health (bedroom)—Technologies displayed in this segment of the pavilion will integrate remote blood pressure monitoring, weight monitoring sensors, a pulse/oxygen meter, and more in a simple-to-use interface.
  • Future of Communications (living room)— This segment of the pavilion will display technologies focused on integrating communications platforms such as social media and telepresence within home technology systems.


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