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Exceptional 3D Display Solutions at InfoComm

  • Exceptional 3D announced that their auto-stereoscopic 3D products is featured at InfoCOMM 2014. This year’s exhibition takes place in Las Vegas, NV, USA, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, June 18 – 20. The latest 3D display solutions from Exceptional 3D will be presented by AV Rental Depot in booth #N413 throughout the entirety of the InfoCOMM 2014 exhibition. The no-glasses 3D technology will highlight the latest thin-bezel 3D digital signage technology from Exceptional 3D. InfoCOMM 2014 attendees can enjoy a demonstration of the 3D technology and see both glasses-free 3D content, as well as legacy 2D content in sequence or at the same time through content management software.
  • “We’re very pleased to have our latest 3D digital signage products represented by AV Rental Depot at infoCOMM 2014,” said Michael Egan, CEO of Exceptional 3D. “InfoCOMM is a very exciting show that delivers impressive digital communication,” continued Mr. Egan, “and it’s exciting to have our latest 3D display solutions represented by AV Rental Depot.”