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Ensemble Video’s Lecture Capture Solution Features Monarch LCS

Ensemble Video’s Lecture Capture Solution Features Monarch LCS

Matrox’s technology partner, Ensemble Video, now supports the Matrox Monarch LCS lecture capture appliance on its online video management and distribution platform. The Monarch LCS H.264 encoding appliance serves as a capture-and-encode node, providing bandwidth-sparing, high-quality video to the Ensemble solution.

The Ensemble Video platform streamlines video capture, management, and publishing, enabling institutions and corporations around the world to deliver accessible media content anytime, over a variety of networks. Offering value-adds including CMS/LMS integrations, automated lecture capture, simple screen capture, and analytics, the Ensemble platform is built to grow with user needs, empowering the user to create an open, flexible, and scalable digital media ecosystem.

Generating H.264-encoded video streams at bitrates up to 30Mbps, the Monarch LCS has scaling, deinterlacing, and noise-reduction engines, sending only pristine images to the internal encoders for simultaneous streaming and recording. When streaming, the encoders use either RTMP or RTSP protocols to deliver live streams to local or cloud-based media servers. When recording, the encoders write MP4 or MOV files to local USB drives, SD cards, or network-mapped drives for post-event editing or archiving.

The Monarch LCS allows simultaneous dual-input for those seeking the benefit of capturing two sources from the same location, particularly valuable for lecture halls, corporate presentations, or any place a dual camera setup or a camera and computer source need to be encoded simultaneously.

“Ensemble Video and Matrox share a belief that video technologies should be simple, powerful, and affordable,” said Andy Covell, chief executive officer of Ensemble Video. “The newest integration of Ensemble Studio with the Matrox Monarch LCS is a significant step forward for our combined customers as it provides a straightforward lecture capture and video management solution for any organization, in any industry. In locations where a single input is required, the Monarch HD offers a robust yet cost-effective option for encoding conference rooms, observation areas, medical training, or houses of worship.”

As standalone devices, Monarch appliances can be incrementally deployed across a building, a campus, or a wider network, adding streaming when and where it may be needed. Likewise, with options including a cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), a self-hosted video platform installed behind a firewall, or a hybrid variation of the two, Ensemble Video offers a diverse set of flexible deployment options tailored to meet specific organizational needs.

"At this point, high-quality streaming video isn’t just wanted, it’s expected," said Francesco Scartozzi, director of sales (Americas), Matrox. “Whether we’re talking about higher education, enterprise, or government, Matrox Monarch LCS with the Ensemble Studio platform offers a powerful and flexible, yet cost-effective solution for both scheduled and ad-hoc lecture and meeting capture.”