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Ensemble Ships HDMI to SDI Converter

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Ensemble Designs has begun shipment of its BrightEye 83 and 83-F HDMI to 3G/HD/SD SDI Converter.

The BrightEye 83 is an HDMI converter for use with standard definition video signals and 3 Gb/s and 1.5 Gb/s high definition signals. The BrightEye 83-F presents both electrical and fiber optic serial digital outputs. The Fiber Optic output of the BrightEye 83-F can drive single mode fiber to a distance of 20 kilometers. With an optical launch power attenuator, multimode fiber can also be used.

“Now people can use just one box, instead of two, to get from HDMI to fiber,” said Robert Nunez, sales at Ensemble Designs. “And the BrightEye 83-F also reports back on any validity issues with HDCP or with format, which is really nice. Customers are calling every day to get delivery dates.”

HDMI 1.3 signals from cameras and other sources can now be integrated directly into television productions and broadcasts. All 8 audio channels of the HDMI embedded audio are passed through the conversion process. Both versions of the converter sense HDCP and are compliant with the licensing restrictions of HDCP encrypted material. The BrightEye 83 and 83-F sense when a signal is not HDCP compliant, or of a non-standard resolution, format, or refresh rate and reports back to the user via the signal monitoring and control features in the BrightEye Mac or BrightEye PC software. It also illuminates an Invalid front panel LED to alert the user.

Both units include a five year warranty and free software upgrades for the life of the product.


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