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Peerless Screens Out the Elements with EEO

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Peerless' new Outdoor Flat Panel Environmental Enclosure (EEO) is ideal for locations that require a weather-resistant and secure mounting option for flat panel screens between 40 inches and 50 inches. It protects screens from a wide range of weather elements such as heat, cold, wind and rain.

To maintain proper operating conditions the enclosure has available thermostat-controlled heating and cooling units. Easy front cover operation is assisted by gas struts that enable quick and effortless screen installation and maintenance. The screen is fully covered within the enclosure preventing accidental damage or vandalism. Mounting options include ceiling, wall or pedestal-set. The Outdoor Flat Panel Environmental Enclosure is fitted with anti-reflective glass for glare-free viewing at any angle. The EEO Outdoor Flat Panel Environmental Enclosure will be available in early October.

For more information, visit www.peerlessmounts.com.


Peerless for Retail

Peerless Industries, Inc. is introducing a new 42-inch flat panel TV ceiling mount for digital signage in retail locations.

Peerless Industries C5842 To Be Released

Featuring customized wall plate spacers, eight-point tool-less adjustment, and prop-open service access with top or bottom release. The modular-style mount saves time by enabling multiple 40-inch to 65-inch flat panel displays to be precisely aligned without measuring and quickly serviced without dismantling the entir

Peerless SMARTMOUNT SR Carts for Flat Panels

Peerless Industries has introduced its new SmartMount(tm) SR Line of Flat Panel TV Carts for 32 inch to 60 inch flat panel screens weighing up to a UL-listed 150 pounds. The new carts combine safety and functionality to deliver optimal flat panel screen mobility and versatility for corporate and hospitality applications.

Peerless MountFinder Service

Peerless Industries, Inc., provider of audio/visual mounting solutions and the inventor of the MountFinder™ has announced a major advancement in its screen-to-mount compatibility search functionality that is geared to increasing mount attachment rates. “Advanced, forward-thinking features have been added to the mount finder tool to further drive our customer’s business,” said Mike Campagna, president, Peerless Industries, Inc. “Peerless is the pioneer of the mount finder technology. For over three years the mount finder has assisted dealers, distributors, e-tailors and retailer in increasing mount attachment rates and now we have made it more effective.” Peerless’ MountFinder is the only mount to flat panel compatibility tool that features a comprehensive database of TVs, averaging 1,800 screens over leading competition, and is taking mount paring to a new level. MountFider’s advanced capabilities now includ

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Peerless Fully-Sealed Outdoor Displays

Ideal for public transit, stadiums, zoos, amusement parks, marinas, restaurant patios, cruise ships and more, the Peerless-AV Xtreme displays are capable of year-round outdoor digital signage with Peerless-AV’s weatherproof technology.

Peerless Mounts at DSE

Peerless Mounts, provider of professional-grade audio/visual mounting solutions showed its new mounts for permanent and portable digital signage applications at Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2008, including mounts with content provider storage, portability for displays up to 103”, and enhanced video wall mounting solutions. Peerless Mounts’ extensive portfolio of standard and custom products for digital signage applications. “We have the ability to invent a mount for any situation using our Custom Business Unit that designs personalized solutions,” said Maya Bojic, director, Custom Business Unit, Peerless Mounts.  “From the standard flat, tilt, pivot or articulating mounts to custom mounting solutions, our designs deliver unique features that provide the ultimate flexibility in screen placement, time saving elements for screen maintenance, installation as well as portability.”...

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Peerless-AV at CorpComm Expo 2015

Peerless-AV is showing its solution for corporate settings at CorpComm Expo 2015. Peerless-AV’s booth, #509, is featuring a variety of solutions for corporate communications including video conferencing carts, video wall mounts, outdoor displays, custom kiosks, and more.