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Electro-Voice Unveils ND Series Microphones at NAMM 2016

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The What: Electro-Voice launched its ND Series of wired vocal and instrument microphones at NAMM 2016. The successor to the N/Dym Series, the ND Series expands the previous product line with four vocal and four instrument models for live performance and studio applications.

The What Else: Each ND Series model is equipped with features that are appropriate for its price point and its intended application. Musicians can select a specific ND Series model according to a given venue size and/or stage volume. The series features dent-resistant Memraflex grilles, humbucking coils, and shock-mounted capsules to minimize handling noise.

The ND Series dynamic vocal microphones are designed to address three distinct application scenarios, and are differentiated by polar pattern, capsule voicing, and grille shape.

The ND76 and ND76S (with on/off switch) are designed for small to medium-sized venues, with a cardioid polar pattern and pronounced upper-mid-range presence for crisp, clear, and balanced vocal tone. The ND86 is intended for large concert and festival-sized venues, with a controlled super-cardioid polar pattern, and reduced sensitivity to specific off-axis frequencies, particularly stage noise. The ND96 is a solid choice for loud stages of any size, with high gain-before-feedback that pushes vocals through the mix. It achieves this with a super-cardioid polar pattern, a tailored frequency curve, and a squared-off grille which allows the singer to get as close as possible to the capsule.

The ND44 is a lightweight clip-on dynamic mic that was designed for tom-tom and snare drums. The mounting clip ensures quick, secure placement on drum rims, while a compact form factor and low-profile angling head allow for precise, unobtrusive placement in other applications. It is equally effective when deployed on guitar cabinets – either stand-mounted or hung directly over the cabinet.

The larger ND46 dynamic mic is designed for drums and general instrument miking, with a locking pivot mechanism for simple and accurate positioning —particularly in hard-to-reach areas of drum kits. It will also achieve excellent results on lower frequency applications, including floor toms and bass cabinets.

The ND Series adds a small-diaphragm condenser model to the lineup – the ND66. The ND66’s filters, pads and locking pivoting head – the only one of its kind on the market – make it a versatile choice for drum overheads, hi-hats, close-miked drums, acoustic guitar, piano, and any other typical small-diaphragm condenser applications.

Last of all is the ND68 dynamic, which is voiced to deliver a powerful kick-drum sound with little or no additional equalization required. Offering extended low frequency response and extremely high sound pressure level handling, it is also highly effective when used on other bass instruments.

The Bottom Line: The ND Series will be available in spring 2016.


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