TTM Technologies Reaches Employees with StrandVision Digital Signage -

TTM Technologies Reaches Employees with StrandVision Digital Signage

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 CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI--TTM Technologies is meeting the challenge of keeping employees informed around the clock with a digital signage system from StrandVision LLC of Menomonie, WI.

TTM, which manufactures printed circuit boards for computers and networks, as well as for medical, aerospace and defense, sought to effectively reach all of its 1,200 employees on five shifts regarding company activities such as customer visits, employee activities and recognition, production/quality metrics, safety information, energy usage, on-site medical clinic updates and credit union special offers.

Company staff turned to StrandVision for its Internet-based system that delivers constantly refreshed digital signage pages to television displays. TTM staff installed 50” plasma television screens in the two largest cafeterias at the Chippewa Falls plant. Now, employees on break can catch up with company news. They also have access to constantly updated local and national news and weather, including animated Doppler radar, as well as the latest on the Green Bay Packers.

TTM is also using an innovative StrandVision “Estimator” page that automatically estimates values over time (world populations counter, for instance). TTM uses the utility to constantly update energy usage estimates for employees in order to encourage conservation. The Estimator page is part of the normal digital signage rotation.

TTM-sourced information, including both text and graphics, is updated by Senior Administrative Assistant Brandi Hunt with information that she receives from several departments. She visits the StrandVision Web site to insert the new information into the StrandVision page mix.

Featured items include employee photos from the annual golf outing, the United Way Campaign and Chippewa Falls community events over the holidays. The company’s credit union, Quorum, also advertises on the signage.

“StrandVision had what we wanted, they were easy to work with and we were happy to do business with a local company,” said Hunt. “Employees really enjoy knowing what’s going on. They like seeing people being recognized for their anniversaries and accomplishments. The signage also helps us announce the dates for customer visits and benefit/insurance deadlines, so everyone is better informed.”

“TTM can more effectively communicate with first, second, third, and weekend shift employees to ensure that they all have access to the same information no matter when or where they work,” commented StrandVision Founder and CEO Mike Strand. Once they realized StrandVision’s potential to reach all employees, they asked us for the Estimator capability. Knowing the importance of energy conservation, we developed it and it is now available to all of our customers for free. TTM is making excellent use of StrandVision digital signage technology.”


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