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Product Spotlight - December 2009

Product Spotlight - December 2009


The Audix Micros Series consists of the a small condenser microphone with integrated preamp and detachable cable. A universal microphone solution for board rooms and video conferencing facilities, M1255B is a combination of studio quality sound, high sensitivity, low noise, and immunity to RFI caused by cell phones and GSM devices. A perfect match for automated mic mixing systems from companies like Biamp and ClearOne, the M1255B operates on phantom power voltages between 18-52 volts and does not require a separate phantom power adatper. With a stylishly machined brass housing and modular threaded capsule, the M1255B features a smooth frequency response of 50 Hz to 20 kHz, 12 mm gold vapor diaphragm, a selection of four polar patterns, and is available in black or white.

Audio-Technica’s original application of Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology, the SpectraPulse UWB Wireless Microphone System bypasses the increasingly congested RF bottleneck to deliver clear, intelligible audio without the performance and set-up issues associated with conventional wireless systems. Designed for conferences, courtrooms, corporate events, and more, SpectraPulse offers 14 simultaneous channels that operate flawlessly without RF turf wars, frequency hunting/coordination, white space issues, or interference. SpectraPulse offers levels of security with UWB data that is transmitted in short-duration pulses sent in a timed sequence over a wide frequency spectrum. To decode the pulses, the SpectraPulse Digital Receiver Module must know exactly when, where, and how to listen.


The Venue Series Receiver Systems are a modular design using Digital Hybrid Wireless technology to achieve audio quality. Each unit consists of a master host assembly and up to six plug-in receiver modules. The system includes an antenna multi-coupler, computer communications interface and the mechanical rack mounting for the receiver modules. The design offers a degree of flexibility. For example, each of the three pairs of receiver modules can be combined and used for ratio diversity or frequency diversity reception. Each individual receiver module can be used by itself for antenna phase diversity reception. Combinations of reception techniques can be used at the same time within the same frame.


The 1700VP is a continuously-variable pattern overhead microphone system with remote polar control and a 56-inch carbon-fiber boom. The variable polar pattern with remote control allows the user to precisely adjust the shape of the pick-up pattern for best performance from a remote location. Utilizing a two-conductor shielded cable between the microphone head and the pattern-control box, the user can adjust the polar pattern in real time without changing capsules, microphone positions, or inducing noise in the audio chain. Special attention has been given to the frequency response and sensitivity of the microphone. The large diameter, low-noise elements produce a frequency response of 40Hz to 20KHz with a selectable, recessed 80Hz, 12dB/octave high-pass filter.


The Azden 305 Series and 325 Series feature on-camera UHF receivers with 188 user-selectable frequencies between 566.125 MHz and 589.875 MHz and a matching choice of either body-pack/lavalier mic, handheld, or plug-in transmitters. All operate on AA batteries and feature digital displays for signal strength, selected frequency and battery life. Fitted in lightweight but rugged polycarbonate housings, these wireless systems come complete with cables and a sturdy, fitted carrying case. Both receivers come with camera mounts, headphone monitor outputs and pivoting high-gain antennas.


The Sennheiser 2000 Series includes rugged products for a wide range of wireless applications including and body-pack transmitters with single or twin receivers for stage, broadcasting and installed sound applications. For monitoring, users can combine the diversity receivers of the series with single or twin monitor transmitters. The series offers a high level of frequency flexibility and multi-channel capability with professional control via the wireless systems manager software delivering a well-thought-out menu structure and superb audio quality. It is also backwards compatible with all generations of evolution wireless transmitters and receivers and the professional accessories of the 3000 and 5000 Series—including clipon microphones, antennas, boosters and combiners.


The KSM353 is a premium bi-directional ribbon microphone crafted for audio in studio and concert hall applications. Proprietary Roswellite technology provides ribbon resilience and durability under extreme conditions. Hand assembled in the USA from transducers, transformers, and metals as the pinnacle of Shure quality for prestigious vocal and acoustic performances. The high-tensile strength, toughness and shape memory of Roswellite ribbon material replaces traditional foil ribbons for resilience at extreme SPLs. With technology and application features, alongside materials and construction, Shure KSM ribbon microphones are a choice for studios and live performances.