New Wireless Microphone Products 2007

New Wireless Microphone Products 2007
  • The new TOA 5000 Series wireless microphone systems operate in the 692-722 Mhz band with up to sixteen simultaneous systems. Transmitter options include the WM-5220 condenser handheld, WM-5320 lapel, WM-5320H vocal headset and WM-5320A aerobic headset. Each transmitter is powered by a single AA battery for ten hours of continuous operation. Receiver models include the WT-5800 true diversity 64-channel wireless tuner, WT-5805 space diversity 64-channel wireless tuner and the portable WT-5810 space diversity 16-channel wireless tuner. All 5000 Series receivers feature a frequency scanning function and transmitter battery status indicator. It also features ten hours of transmitter operation from a single AA battery, receivers display clear channels (scan mode) and transmitter battery status, can connect up to 16 simultaneous systems, and it's compatible with current password/scout series products.

beyerdynamic's Opus 900 Wireless System

beyerdynamic's Opus 900 wireless system features transparent sound and offers a variety of transmitters, including the DM 960 S, DM 960 B, and the DM 969 S dynamic transmitters; the EM 981 S and the CM 930 B condenser transmitters; the TS 900 M and TS 900 C pocket transmitters with re-chargeable contacts. Both the TS 900 M and TS 900 C are outfitted with ACT infrared interface for frequency setting, LCD for selected channel, group and battery status, gain control, silent on/off switch, and 4-pin mini-XLR input connector. Three receivers, offering 99 pre-programmed frequencies, are available for the Opus 900 system; the NE 900 S single channel, NE 900 D dual channel, and the NE 900 Q quad channel receiver. Each model has an engineer-friendly "jog wheel" for fast access and reconfiguration of the system.

Ansr Audio's Blue Class Wireless Systems

This is a 700 channel UHF, PLL synthesized wireless microphone system offered in both complete packages. In both handheld and belt-pack configurations the systems offer rechargeable batteries included that can be connected to the receiver and fully charged in four to six hours. Features include: 700 channels, UHF, PLL synthesized true diversity operation, receiver display with channel, frequency, and volume level, front panel RF and audio level display, receiver front panel channel select and volume select switches, receiver front panel headphone output with control, front panel DC output for charging transmitters, balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4 connectors, and rear panel squelch control.

AKG's WMS 40 Pro Wireless System

AKG's WMS 40 PRO range includes WMS 40 PRO FLEXX, WMS 40 PRO Single and WMS 40 PRO Dual systems, providing a wireless solution for any application.

Delivering up to 30 hours of battery life off of a single AA battery, WMS 40 PRO systems provide clear wireless audio transmission and maximum economy of operation. WMS 40 PRO Series systems delivers frequency response and dynamic range. All WMS 40 PRO wireless receivers feature the same all-metal chassis included with AKG's more expensive WMS 400 series. AKG's WMS 40 PRO systems are available in three configurations: WMS 40 PRO FLEXX systems have three selectable frequencies to side-step interference, delivering up to nine inter-modulation free channels; WMS 40 PRO Single systems are available in seven fixed frequencies; WMS 40 PRO Dual systems include two transmitters and two independent channels in a single half-rack sized receiver.

Electro-Voice's REV Wireless System

EV's new REV professional wireless system offers an array of new features from its predecessor the RE-1. REV's optimized analog audio path was developed with Digital Audio Labs to provide a representation of a wired microphone sound possible in a wireless system. REV-Link PC software enables remote monitoring, control and programming over a CAN bus connection through an EV UCC-1 converter or EV Netmax N8000. Factory set channel groups allow up to 16 systems to operate simultaneously in one frequency band. Programmable in 25 kHz steps across 24 MHz operating bandwidth, there are over 950 possible channels so you can always find a clear channel. Advanced ClearScan automatic group and channel selection allows quick setup. As well as offering four capsule options, REV features EV's one-of-a-kind guitar optimization setting.

Lectrosonics' Venue Receiver System

The Venue Receiver system is a modular UHF design that operates with Digital Hybrid Wireless transmitters, and a variety of analog transmitters. It consists of a Venue Receiver Master (VRM) and one to six plug-in receiver modules. The VRM includes an antenna multi-coupler, computer communications interface and the mechanical rack mounting for the receiver modules. Software for control, programming and monitoring is included with the system. Each of the three pairs of receivers can be combined and used for ratio diversity or frequency diversity reception. Each individual receiver can be used by itself for phase switched diversity reception. Combinations of reception techniques can be used at the same time. Transmitters compatible with the Venue Receiver include the UT handheld, SM "Super Mini" series, the UM400 and LM belt pack units, the IM instrument and MM400 water-resistant units. In various compatibility modes, the Venue works with IFB transmitters, and units from two other major manufacturers.

Avlex's MIPRO MA Series

The newest part of the MA Series product line, the MA-808, features a rugged enclosure with retractable handle, integrated wheels, storage provisions and stand mounting capability. This bi-amplified system delivers 170 watts of sound with options for a built-in CD/MP3 player and two wireless UHF receiver modules featuring setup via MIPRO's auto-scan and ACT (automatic channel targeting) functionality. The system also boasts a built in mixer, accommodates additional mic or line program sources and has a line output.

Also new is the MIPRO MA-101a wireless portable PA system. It's ultra-compact, weighing 6.5 pounds. It utilizes MIPRO's ACT wireless technology. The MA-101a is available in two versions; a wireless handheld microphone or a wireless body pack transmitter for use with MIPRO's headworn and lavaliere microphones or instrument cable. Both systems have additional mic and line input capability and feature a line output jack.

Sennheiser's SKM 5200 Wireless Transmitter

The Sennheiser SKM 5200 is the latest handheld wireless transmitter in the company's 5000 Series. The SKM 5200 may be paired with a choice of six Sennheiser and two Neumann interchangeable microphone heads. The choice of interchangeable Sennheiser heads includes five condensers and one dynamic, with omni-directional, cardioids, wide cardioids, or super-cardioids pick-up patterns. Sensitivity can be switched in 1dB steps to adapt to any recording situation. Sennheiser's HiDyn plus noise reduction system reduces RF noise to an absolute minimum. The SKM 5200 offers two channel banks, one fixed and one variable. The fixed bank may be ordered with 20 pre-set frequencies to allow the transmitter to be quickly integrated into existing RF environments. Users may program up to 20 UHF frequencies, in 5kHz steps, into the variable bank.

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