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Tech Track at DSE Las Vegas

Digital Signage magazine has been honored by the Digital Signage Expo, to again this year produce the “Tech Track” at the expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Feb. 25 - 26, 2009.

The Tech Track, directed by: David Keene, Executive Director, Digital Signage magazine, has been specifically designed for systems integrators, contractors, installers, design consultants and IT professionals to address important technical issues that are high priority in the industry.

The sessions are as follows:
Content Software–Sorting Out the Differences
• The Digital Signage Content Management Software that organizes and directs how “content” will play is central to providing the unique, powerful and inherent capabilities of Digital Signage. But the selection of software can be complex and daunting. There are more than one hundred software providers. And software being software, challenges face the systems integrator and the end-user: software doesn’t have the kind of “specs” that allow easy A/B comparison when deciding which product to go with. In helping to demystify software, prominent panelists from Software providers and Systems Integration firms will offer insights into comparing apples to apples for your project.

Beyond Signage 101: Enterprise-Wide Digital Signage
• Sophisticated digital signage systems feature not just stand-alone screens in one area of a corporate or education campus, but rather comprehensive enterprise-wide messaging systems that link some combination of campus-wide broadcasts from executives to employees, business television, interactive distance learning, training programs (or ad-based systems in retail), and more. These enterprise systems may be bi-directional and/or double-facing in nature, offering messaging in different directions according to need.
This session will explore what software/hardware infrastructure is needed to support not just an isolated digital signage system but a variety of applications throughout a campus– providing control and management of content, system maintenance, and more, based on the needs of different stakeholders within the organization.

Digital Signage Displays: New Technology
• While LCD flat panels and plasma panels are predominant in today’s market, alternative technologies are available now that may be a better choice for some projects, and more are coming in the near future. This session will look at video projection (both front and rear projection), LED displays, and alternative technologies like OLED (organic light emitting display), digital paper, and more.

• Choosing a Conduit for Your Deployment
There are many transmission methods being used in today’s digital signage market to get content from A to B… satellite, IP, hard disk, store/forward, mixed LAN/WAN configurations, and more. This session will explore the advantages of the different methods and offer a guide to avoiding pitfalls in the various systems.

For more information and to register for the Tech Track sessions, log onto: TechTrack DSE.

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