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Omnivex for Intelligent Content

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Omnivex Corporation officially released its Moxie software to the market on March 1. Moxie helps break the industry tradition of canned content by allowing intelligent content to automatically respond to current conditions or events. The advent of truly contextual messaging will spur new ways of thinking about the role of digital signage, for retail stores and other applications.

Omnivex president Jeff Collard elaborated on related best practices at the Digital Signage Expo workshop, “Event-Driven Content: Making Content Relevant and Actionable,” Thursday, February 26 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

With over 250 new features, Moxie includes an advanced graphics engine, data-bound visual properties and management of meta-data attributes. The software’s ability to intelligently manage content based on both internal and external information will now provide companies with the most advanced and comprehensive solution available. With Moxie and its many patent pending technologies, Omnivex has redefined the process to rapidly develop and deploy digital signage networks and significantly lower the cost to operate these systems.

“Moxie redefines the boundaries of digital signage. Its ability to intelligently deliver contextual messages to the correct location, at the right time will dramatically change the way people think about digital signage,” said Collard. “Moxie is more advanced than any other visual communications solution available. Its unprecedented graphics capabilities and ability to deliver contextual relevance will capture viewer’s attention in any environment where digital signage is used.”

Moxie features new 3D vectored graphics capabilities, allowing media and live video to rotate on an X, Y and Z axis, while playing. Sophisticated visual effects can be applied to media in real time, no post production is required. Enhancements in the user interface also make the system easy to use and intuitive, streamlining the process of creating content, distributing it across a wide range of screens on the network, and managing the system.

Omnivex software is used to manage all aspects of digital signage networks, including content management, real-time data acquisition and distribution, and remote device monitoring and management. For more information, please visit


Omnivex at CETW

At the upcoming Customer Engagement Technology World (CETW) trade show, in New York City, on November 9 & 10, 2011, Omnivex will be highlighting different applications of our award-winning software, including interactive wayfinding maps, RFID triggered digital signage content, digital menu boards, and multi-PC vid

Omnivex Expands

Omnivex Corporation, provider of software solutions for the management of digital signage systems, is moving to a new head office in Concord, ON. The new location will, according to Omnivex, "provide state of the art demonstration facilities using a variety of digital signage technologies and allow the company to better serve its expanding client-base." "The company has grown significantly over the past 16 years, and we have out grown our old location," said Jeff Collard, President of Omnivex.  "Our new office will leverage our digital signage management software to control all aspects of the office space and demonstrate best practices for business partners, customers and visitors attending meetings or training courses...

Intelligent Buildings Leadership Forum

The recently completed "Intelligent Buildings Roadmap" project is one of the most significant efforts ever produced by CABA. This project provides details on owner needs, the challenges we face as an industry, and the detailed action plans required to dramatically grow our industry.

Omnivex Networks Infotainment on the "GO"

Omnivex Corporation has announced that United Mobile Broadcasting Corporation (UMBC) is using its software on GO Trains throughout the Greater Toronto Area, to power a unique network of wireless digital signage. The project provides commuters with an informative and entertaining digital signage network to one of the fastest growing regions in North America. Mobile broadcasting is an extension of the wireless revolution and is being developed to provide audio, video and multimedia contents to mobile communication devices and in moving environments. This is one of the first mobile broadcast installations on commuter trains and subways in North America.