Shure Mics Super Bowl XL -

Shure Mics Super Bowl XL

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Detroit, MI - With a line-up of stars including Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and the Rolling Stones performing at Ford Field during pregame and halftime festivities at this year's Super Bowl, James Stoffo of Professional Wireless Systems had his work cut out for him in terms of RF management. Faced with the clutter of over 1,000 frequencies in use at the showdown between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks, he successfully met the challenge with 20 channels of Shure UHF-R wireless using handheld transmitters outfitted with Shure's SM58, Beta 58 and Beta 87A capsules.

Relying on a Beta 87A, Stevie Wonder's pregame performance helped pave the way to the Rolling Stone's halftime appearance. Keeping up with Mick Jagger's gyrations onstage was a UHF-R/SM58 system; UHF-R was also used on all of the Stones' guitars.

Stoffo's wireless blueprint represents the 10th he's developed for the Super Bowl. Based in Orlando, FL, Professional Wireless Systems was subcontracted for the event by ATK Audiotek of Burbank, CA.

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This Super Bowl Halftime Show, 330 Clay Paky Sharpys and a dozen Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K20s were on hand to illuminate the stage while a grandMA2 light took command of the media. A.C.T Lighting is the distributor of Clay Paky and MA Lighting in North America.