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Dawn Pro Audio T100BT Tower Ensemble

  • Dawn Pro Audio is introducing its first powered speakers with Bluetooth input, the T100BT and T50BT. When used in combination with the T-Series’ “System Link” technology for connecting multiple speakers, the wireless audio stream into one speaker can be played through every speaker connected in the system. The 200-watt T100BT and 100-watt T50BT tower speakers, both available with a powered subwoofer, incorporate Bluetooth in the speaker’s built-in three-channel mixer on the rear panel.
  • Dawn’s exclusive System Link technology, which allows multiple T-series towers to be daisy-chained together with a standard XLR cable, distributes the audio input at any single speaker to every speaker linked in the system.
  • The T100BT tower incorporates four 4-1/2-inch mid-range drivers and a one-inch compression driver horn; the T50BT, two 4-1/2-inch mid-range drivers and 0.8-inch titanium dome tweeter. On the rear-panel mixer for both models, two channels accept both a quarter-inch line-level input (unbalanced) and an XLR microphone input (balanced), and the third channel accepts the Bluetooth input, as well as a 1/8-inch headphone or line-level stereo input, which are all summed into a mono signal. High and low EQ adjustment and volume control are provided on each channel, and there is a separate master volume control for each loudspeaker.
  • Tower audio connections include System Link as well as a 1/4-inch line-level subwoofer output, which feeds the system’s optional 400-watt powered 12-inch subwoofer (Dawn Model 200S). The subwoofer, in addition to a 1/4-inch input jack, provides a 1/4-inch jack with line-level output to connect an additional subwoofer, if desired. The frequency response of the subwoofer is 35Hz-150Hz, and gain is +40dB. If the tower’s subwoofer crossover is not activated, frequency response of the tower is 65Hz-20KHz. Gain on the microphone input is +70dB, on the line level and Bluetooth input is +56dB, and on the AUX input is +42dB.
  • T-series loudspeakers are designed for mounting atop a 200S subwoofer with a metal alloy post requiring no additional hardware. The top of each tower includes a molded grip handle for easy lifting and carrying with one hand.
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