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Dan Dugan Sound Design Releases Control Surface for Automixers

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The What: Dan Dugan Sound Design is now shipping the Model K Control Surface for all networkable Dugans, including the recently introduced models M and N.

The What Else: The Model K offers controls for eight channels and three groups. Like the software Dugan Control Panels, the eight channels can be bank-shifted over any number of channels in a system. The panel can select and load stored scenes. The Model K can be linked to a particular instance of a Dugan Control Panel so the tactile panel and computer display complement each other.

The Bottom Line: The Dugan Model K is a physical interface resembling a keyboard. It gives the user physical buttons for controlling a system so operators can have their eyes on the production and their fingers on the keys. The Model K includes manual, automatic, and mute keys for each channel, plus rotary encoders for setting weights and other values, and LCD displays for the channel names and parameter values. The brightness of indicators and displays can be adjusted for dark or bright environments.


Dan Dugan E-1A

Dan Dugan Sound Design (booth C10544) has introduced the E-1A automatic mixing controller, adding increased DSP power to provide up to 16 channels of Dugan’s transparent automatic mixing. The E-1A allows users to divide the Dugan unit into three separate automixers, with each set having its own set of master buttons o

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Dugan Model M

Dan Dugan Sound Design’s Dugan Model M is a new product for management of live microphones in unscripted talking situations.