DT Research Expands Displays, Apps at InfoComm

DT Research, Inc., a provider of developments in information appliances for vertical markets, has announced the expansion of the WebDT Signage System to include 12-inch, 42-inch and 65-inch displays. With the addition of these three sizes, DT Research provides a comprehensive line of digital signage displays, including 15-inch and 17-inch all-in-one systems for interactive digital signage and kiosks, and 26-inch, 37-inch and 47-inch signage systems. The WebDT Signage System offers businesses the ability to strategically place digital signs -- whether in a retail product aisle, in an open space at an airport or hotel, in an elevator, or on a restaurant table -- and take advantage of customer traffic patterns to better address their needs.

"DT Research is committed to providing businesses today with the technology tools they need to communicate effectively with their customers," said Dr. Daw Tsai, president of DT Research. "The WebDT Signage System has been developed to help businesses easily design and deploy a comprehensive digital signage network. Whether it's a retailer, school, sit-down or fast-food restaurant or an airport, companies can now integrate a wide array of display sizes into one network and strategically place a variety of display sizes at appropriate locations."

DS1200 - The DS1200 features a 12-inch display-integrated media player with a touch screen option, providing greater flexibility and enhanced customer experience. The DS1200's integrated computing unit ensures easy set up and comes with optional built-in wireless connectivity that enables it to easily connect to a network of devices. The compact size and slim, mountable design allow for a range of deployments, such as on-table in restaurants, on casino gaming floors for beverage orders, at retail or grocery shelves for price checks or product information, or in elevators and taxis.

DS4200 - The DS4200 is a 42-inch high resolution LCD with an integrated yet accessible media player. Featuring a bezel with a narrow 15mm frame, the display optimizes physical space usage and is ideal for multi-screen applications such as menu boards at restaurants or flight/gate information at airports. The DS4200 integrates nicely with DT Research's new SA1004 digital signage appliance that can drive content over multiple displays. (See below.)With the DS4200's thin bezel and the SA1004, businesses can easily stack up to five displays together, creating an elegant video wall configuration. The display panel also supports HD resolution so that customers can utilize a single digital signage appliance to control multiple digital panels displaying high quality 1080p images. An optional IR touch turns the panel into an interactive information terminal.

DS6500 - The DS6500 features a 65-inch LCD capable of displaying up to 1080p in high quality digital content -- ideal for advertisers. The panel includes an easily accessible media player, offering businesses the ability to future-proof their investment by having the ability to upgrade the digital signage appliance without replacing the display. An optional touch screen interface allows for greater interactivity. With the WebDT Content Manager's zoning capability, businesses can load an interactive application in any particular zone while simultaneously serving up advertising on other parts of the screen. The large size makes the DS6500 ideal for communicating with large audiences, such as in malls, theaters, places of worship and stadiums.

As with all WebDT Signage System products, software for content and device management is included in the package. The WebDT Content Manager and WebDT Device Manager provide web-based user-friendly interfaces, offering enterprise-class management of hardware and content.

The WebDT Content Manager is a web browser-based application manages content scheduling and distribution, including device grouping, playlist creation, multi-zone preset and customizable templates, ticker feeds, reporting, auto-recovery and general system administrator functions. Businesses also have the ability to incorporate traditional self-service applications in selected zones on the display while serving interactive advertising or media on other zones. Unlike other content management applications, the WebDT Content Manager is easy to use and often requires only minimal, self-guided training.

All displays can be remotely monitored and controlled from any location with Internet or network access using a web browser interface. The WebDT Device Manager utilizes "push and pull" technology to interact with remote appliances, allowing system administrators to install operating systems, inventory hardware, update software applications and access logging and scheduling remotely. Support for auto-recovery allows the restart of the systems without the need to go onsite.

In addition, all WebDT Signage System displays can be integrated into the same digital signage network, providing businesses the flexibility to strategically place digital signs based on location and need.

The WebDT DS1200, DS4200 and DS6500 are available in Q3 2008 directly from DT Research and through authorized resellers and partners.

DT Research has also announced the immediate availability of the SA1000, SA2000 and SA1004 digital signage appliances, now part of the WebDT Digital Signage product family. The WebDT digital signage appliances offer an affordable, low power-consumption, space-saving alternative to using dedicated PCs and enable a professional digital signage network that can be centrally managed through web-enabled software to ensure optimal uptime.

"Businesses today are always looking for ways to make the most out of their investment in technology," said Daw Tsai, president of DT Research. "With the WebDT digital signage appliances, companies can preserve their investment in existing displays and create a powerful digital signage network while keeping a low TCO. We've developed a line of appliances so that companies can choose the best appliance based on their needs --from entry-level, multi-screen outputs to higher-end devices that support HD content playback."

The WebDT Signage Appliances offer powerful digital signage capabilities including the ability to manage content and operating software remotely. Powered by Microsoft Windows XP Embedded operating systems, the WebDT Signage Appliances are VESA compliant and offer optional wireless networking. The devices can be paired with commonly-used LCDs available in the market today or with DT Research's wide-array of custom displays.

The WebDT appliances are compatible with the WebDT Device Manager and WebDT Content Manager software, which provide intuitive and remote management of hardware and content files. Using these software packages, the system can be remotely monitored and controlled from any location that has network/Internet access, ensuring optimal uptime and issue resolution. Unique auto-recovery functionality can restart the system without onsite and manual intervention.

The WebDT Signage Appliances include the following models:

SA1000 - The WebDT SA1000 provides robust digital signage functionality from a compact, fan-less device with low energy consumption. The SA1000 runs on a 1.5GHz processor, drives an LCD at up to 1920x1080 in resolution and supports DVI and VGA outputs. The appliance is tightly integrated with the WebDT Device Manager, providing the ability to remotely manage and troubleshoot each unit.

SA2000 - The WebDT SA2000 offers higher processing power for customers wanting to display High Definition multimedia content. The device comes with either a 1.6GHz or 2.0GHz processor to enable High Definition content playback. The SA2000 also integrates the WebDT Device Manager, enabling the device to be managed without on-site service.

SA1004 - The WebDT SA1004 is designed to drive content over multiple LCD panels, ideal for multi-screen applications. With four HDMI outputs plus a VGA port, the device can support up to a total of five video outputs, driving up to 1920x1080 static images. The SA1004 works effectively with DT Research's DS4200 -- a 42-inch high-resolution LCD that features a 15mm-thin bezel (See above.) Using the SA1004 in conjunction with the DS4200, businesses can easily set up an elegant video wall of multiple displays -- ideal for information tables such as menu and flight information boards.The SA1004 is especially beneficial for businesses that have space constraints and are looking for a single device to manage and control several displays.

The WebDT SA1000, SA2000 and SA1004 are available in July directly from DT Research and through authorized resellers and partners. The MSRP starts at $999.

For more information on DT Research, Inc. products/services visit signage.dtri.com.

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