Countryman Unveils I2 Instrument Mic

Countryman Associates has introduced the I2 Instrument Microphone. Featuring the legendary sonic accuracy Countryman microphones are known for, the new I2 Instrument Microphone maintains a low profile while being the ideal choice for a wide range of instrument miking applications, including sound reinforcement of bands and orchestras as well as broadcast applications where accurate instrument capture is essential to the overall sound of a televised performance.

Every mechanical and electrical component of the new I2 Instrument Microphone has been engineered from the ground up for smooth frequency response, low noise, and precise polar patterns with deep nulls and natural on- and off-axis response. Their combination of small size and sonic precision makes them ideal for X-Y, M-S, and other techniques that rely on accurate coincident positioning and consistent patterns. Their tiny size makes them perfect for distance miking that is invisible on camera. Flexible new close miking techniques are aided by Countryman's new line of vibration-isolating magnetic instrument mounts, which are designed to mount securely and gently to a variety of instruments.

The new Countryman I2 Instrument Microphone is engineered to deliver world-class performance and bring out the most accurate, natural sounding instrument sounds. Frequency response for the microphone is 20 Hz to 20 kHz, enabling one to capture everything from the thunderous lows of the timpani, string bass, and low brass through the sparkling highs of the piccolo and violins.

Countryman’s new I2 Instrument Microphone is available in four polar pattern configurations: omnidirectional, cardioid, hypercardioid, and bidirectional/figure-8. Audio engineers can select the microphone best suited for any given instrument miking application. These various polar patterns enable an engineer to take maximum advantage of the microphone’s null points for isolating the instrument from unwanted sounds in close proximity.

The new I2 Instrument Microphone ships with 10 feet of black aramid-reinforced high-strength cable, terminated for wireless transmitters or XLR connections. As these microphones are frequently used with wireless microphone systems, the I2 Instrument Microphone finds itself in the best of company. The microphone is compatible with several hundred transmitters from dozens of wireless manufacturers, including Shure, Sennheiser, Sony, Lectrosonics, AKG Acoustics, Audio Technica, Electro-Voice, MIPRO, Nady Systems, Samson Technologies, Zaxcom, and others.

Chris Countryman, President of Countryman Associates, commented on the company’s new offering, “Our new I2 Instrument Microphone addresses a myriad of instrument miking challenges commonly faced by audio engineers and show producers. It’s important to get the best, most accurate sound possible and eliminate the visual distraction created by a larger microphone and the microphone stand. By offering the microphone with four available polar patterns, engineers can use the configuration best suited for any given miking application and, in the process, achieve excellent results. I’m quite confident the new I2 Instrument Microphone will be well received.”

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