Clear-Com LQ Series -

Clear-Com LQ Series

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The What: Clear-Com's LQ Series devices provide intercom connectivity for linking multiple intercom systems together and/or extending the capabilities and intercom channels of a single system to one or more remote locations over IP networks.

The What Else: With either the two-wire (LQ-2W2) or four-wire (LQ-4W2) option, LQ can interface with and route audio and call signals between any industry-standard partyline intercom and 4-wire devices such as matrix intercom systems, analog telephone circuits, two-way radio gateways and audio consoles over LAN, WAN or Internet.

The Bottom Line: LQ offers the simple and cost-effective alternative for connecting visiting systems or ad hoc users, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly audio cable runs. These two-channel devices are light-weight, portable and compact. They are easy to deploy over the browser-based Core Configuration Manager: just preconfigure the devices with the appropriate IP addresses and audio routes, deploy the devices to the remote location(s), and then the LQ devices are automatically connected.


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Clear-Com Gateway

The Clear-Com Gateway family is the ideal interoperability solution for on-site communication across different communication systems in live events, multi-site venues, security services and many other applications.

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Clear-Com ProGrid

In a given production setup where a distribution backbone is required, ProGrid enables users to connect, transport, distribute and route audio, intercom, video and control data to critical production areas over the fiber-based network.

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Clear-Com Distributes Optocore InterCOM Interfaces

Las Vegas, NV-- Clear-Com is now offering its Optocore digital fiber and SANE CAT5 networks for real-time audio, data, video and communications signal distribution.   The V3R-FX-INTERCOM. These products are a direct result of a strategic joint development partnership with Optoco