Lavi Spotlights New Post Distribution System -

Lavi Spotlights New Post Distribution System

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Lavi Industries is launching its ShuttleTrac Public Guidance Storage and Rapid Deployment System. Designed for quick and easy transportation and distribution, ShuttleTrac holds up to nine posts in a revolutionary design that is attractive enough to be stored in visible locations.

ShuttleTrac is dramatically different than existing post distribution systems, and its innovative design decreases deployment time significantly. Units can be attached to form a moving "train" using a simple hitch pin (included), making distribution over a large area practical and easy.

An optional electric tow motor allows one person to set up or teardown up to 45 posts quickly and safely—as much as 540 linear feet of public guidance. As the train is pulled, individual ShuttleTrac carts can be linked or delinked at any time, making deployment teams more efficient.

ShuttleTrac has a small footprint, with a base that measures 42 inches by 32 inches and is 60 inches high. It can be stored in tight spaces, and unlike other distribution carts, ShuttleTrac arrives disassembled via parcel carrier for decreased shipping costs.

ShuttleTrac's high strength to weight ratio is achieved by using custom molded crosslinked and high-density polyethylene. This material provides rust free durability even in extreme temperature and weather conditions. The base of the cart requires no added bumpers, has no painted surfaces to chip or scuff, and includes non-marking heavy-duty wheels.

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