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TAIDEN HCS-1030U Electronic Nameplate

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TAIDEN has introduced the HCS-1030U Electronic Nameplate, a step towards achieving paperless meetings and leading innovation in the conferencing field. Media Vision, the point of contact for TAIDEN sales and support in North America and Europe, will present the solution at InfoComm booth #1251.

Available as a standalone solution or as part of a conferencing system installation, the electronic nameplate can display information such as the name and title of participants, the conference name/logo, the company name/logo, the country name, the participant's seat, and more flexible options. Meeting attendees see their information displayed electronically upon sign-in. Sign-in can be done remotely by the operator or by the participant itself using personal IC cards.

The soft display on the front and rear of the unit, with white text on a black background, prevents the nameplate from emitting too much light and delivers great results for photographs and video recordings.

“It is hard to believe how much dedicated time and personnel organizations use solely to print and place individual nameplates prior to each meeting,” said Fardad Zabetian, CEO of Media Vision. “The Electronic Nameplate is making meeting management more efficient and convenient while representing a significant source of cost savings.”