Chief to Show New Suspended Ceiling Projector System Options at InfoComm

Chief to Show New Suspended Ceiling Projector System Options at InfoComm

The What: Chief will show the new options it has added to the SYSAU suspended ceiling projector system at its InfoComm booth, C5408.

The What Else: The Plenum Rated Storage Box was designed specifically for the SYSAU system. The enclosure is scalable to fit AV equipment and can be shifted along the tile bridge to avoid plenum interferences. Removable covers enable side access in shallow plenum spaces and full access from above. The powered option adds a high-performance, non-sacrificial power accessory designed to protect AV equipment while improving audio and video performance.

Benefits include a patented non-sacrificial, multi-stage protection with industrial-grade surge protection and EMI/RFI noise filtration; improved reliability and functionality of connected equipment by safeguarding equipment from high-energy transients, lightning strikes, and electronic noise events that can cause gear degradation and downtime; non-volatile spike protection with LED power indicator; non-current limiting design passes full power on a regular circuit; redundant protection circuits; and filter reduction of common and differential mode noise by up to 40dB.

The Bottom Line: Introduced at InfoComm 2015, the SYSAU incorporates an improved suspended ceiling plate, column system, mount and universal interface to reduce installation time by one-third. For speed and accuracy of adjustment, a new mount was created that builds upon the breakthrough successes of the RPA and RPM, Chief’s projector mounts. The RPT mount’s absolute image control adds Tool-Free Microzone adjustment with a positive drive system to keep adjustments in place once set—no need for set screws.

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