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EAW Presents JFL210 Compact Constant Curvature Line Array and Compatible JFL118 Subwoofer

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EAW presents the JFL210 Compact Constant Curvature Line Array and its compatible sub, the JFL118 Subwoofer. The JFL210 compact line array features a range of EAW’s most innovative line array technologies within a mobile, lightweight package that’s an ideal solution for a multitude of small- and medium-sized applications, including portable and installed AV as well as musician/DJ uses, and with the introduction of the JFL118, now offers a turnkey loudspeaker solution.

Incorporating constant curvature line array design principles, JFL210 modules form easily configured arrays with very predictable output and coherence, and coverage that is both horizontally symmetric and consistent from short to long throws. And, despite the compact size, modules and arrays both deliver exceptionally high output capability and predictable pattern control. The JFL210 can be flown or stacked in a variety of ways. The enclosure size, shape, weight and rigging are optimized for ease of transport and handling. Arrays may be easily flown or ground stacked, and up to two enclosures may be mounted on a tripod loudspeaker stand or on a pole above a pole-mount capable subwoofer.


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