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Vortek Reaches Milestone for Daktronics by Shipping 2000th Hoist

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BROOKINGS, SD--Vortek recently manufactured and shipped their 2000th hoist. Vortek raised the curtain in 2003 with their first hoist installation. Since then, Vortek has been installing hoists in performance centers across the country. "We are all very happy to have hit this milestone," said Dave Rossi, operations manager. "Since the acquisition by Daktronics in 2006, we have been given the proper tools and staff to be a world leader in this market and will continue to push the limits of technology to ensure and maintain our growth."

According to Rossi, Vortek has five different hoist models and custom variations for systems in houses of worship, high school and college theaters, performing art centers, sports arenas and an assortment of traveling venues. Vortek's automated stage rigging system raises and lowers scenery, lighting, and curtains. The hoists offer a level of convenience, simplicity and safety unmatched by any other system in performance rigging. Vortek boasts standard and custom models ranging from 450-2000 lbs and move at speeds of up to 180 feet per minute. Every Vortek hoist utilizes an innovative load brake; which protects against "free fall" conditions.

"The Vortek rigging system has enabled us to optimize the time between setup and production; making the best use of the technical crew since it does not require as much personnel as the traditional counterweight system," said Román Grau, technical director from the Teatro Pérez Galdós, in the Canary Islands. "Many other advantages like IP remote access for maintenance, dynamic load control, easy and friendliness of use, etc. make this system the first and best option to consider."

The motorized hoists install quickly and handle a variety of theater rigging requirements. Vortek hoists are ideal solutions for new construction and renovation projects as they replace older, clumsier types of theater rigging systems with safer, easier-to-use automated hoists. "I believe that this industry is starving for practical motorized solutions that make theatrical professionals more successful. This product and future products will continue to evolve and build on its state-of-the-art motion control, i-batten and braking technologies to deliver superior rigging solutions to the market," said Rossi.



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