New Products – January 2010

New Products – January 2010

Extron TLP 350CV

Extron TouchLink announces the immediate availability of the TLP 350CV TouchLink 3.5-inch Cable Cubby Touchpanel. The TLP 350CV is the latest addition to the Extron configurable control system family. The TLP 350CV combines AV system control with cable management. It features a tilt-up, full-color touchscreen in a metal enclosure that can be mounted securely into a tabletop, lectern or other flat surface. In addition, 10 customizable backlit buttons provide expanded control capabilities to ensure that critical functions are easily accessible.

Chief FUSION Video Wall Solution

Chief Manufacturing’s FUSION Series Pull-Out mounts are ideal for video walls and digital signage, and single-screen recessed applications. Inspired by installer feedback, the new FUSION Series Pull-Out mounts extend seven inches for easy cable access and servicing in hard-to-reach installations— even on the centermost screen of a video wall matrix. Fine-tuning of plumb adjustment also ensures that the screens are perfectly vertical, even if the wall is not.

QVS HDMI Video Pattern Generator

QVS’ HDMI Video Pattern Generator is a simple solution for integrators, giving the capability of testing screens for It has push-button OSD menu control thru 16x2 LCD screen, and built-in rechargeable battery for up to eight hours of continuous usage. It has 48 timings from 640x350 to 1920x1200 to HDTV’ss 1080p, and 34 video test patterns that quickly determine color performance, linearity, and HDCP.

Crestron DigitalMedia

Crestron continues to develop its DigitalMedia line to deliver a complete source-to-display digital solution for any application. The newest DM output card is now available in 20 versions, expanding even further the capabilities of the modular 8X8 and 16X16 DM matrix switchers. The new DM-TX-300N and DM-TX-300N-F are 3X1 transmitters that accept and transmit any analog or uncompressed digital HD signals long distance over copper or fiber. Crestron DigitalMedia provides a seamless transition from analog to digital systems without redesigning existing systems or replacing installed equipment.

Epson PowerLite Projectors

Epson’s PowerLite 1830 and 1915 with advanced connectivity and presentation features is designed for corporate and higher education markets. The projectors offer content over IP with Epson’s EasyMP network technology for remote access, monitor and control of projectors over the network, as well as easy management and maintenance. In addition, the PowerLite 1915 offers additional versatility with HDMI connectivity, built-in wireless, PC-free presentation capabilities, and Screen Fit, an auto-sensing feature that intuitively sets up the appropriate screen size, keystone, and focus.

IHSEusa Draco major

IHSEusa’s Draco major KVM and crosspoint switcher redefines traditional KVM switching by incorporating a multi-tier compression algorithm supporting perfect quality pixel resolution and color depth. Supporting either crosspoint switching or KVM switching, the compact 2RU frame can be configured to manage up to 32 sources and 16 consoles. With a wide range of DVI and KVM extender options, the Draco major can be configured to support switching for single-head, dual-head, and quad-head DVI-D displays. Resolutions up to 1920x1200 are supported for single link DVI signals.

RTI MRP-64 And ZRP-6
Remote Technologies Incorporated’s (RTI) MRP-64 multiroom control processor and ZRP-6 central control processors provide complete control of AV, environmental, and other electronic systems from anywhere in the home or facility with the simple touch of a button. RS-232 ports allow for sophisticated bidirectional communications from compatible devices for status feedback such as temperature, lighting, security, and more, while use with RTI’s latest two-way and ZigBee-enabled handheld and in-wall controllers provide the ultimate in convenience.

Gepco HDR1

Gepco’s HDR1 High Density Distribution Rack is an updated design of its original HDR distribution rack. With a new electrically isolated, 1RU six-position design, the HDR1 delivers a compact and expandable solution for SMPTE hybrid fiber patching and distribution systems. With the highest density available, the HDR1 can deliver up to six SMPTE 304M positions in a 1RU space, or up to 12 positions in a 2RU space. Commonly used for machine room patching of multiple camera positions to available CCU control units, the HDR1 provides a streamlined cross-connect or distribution system in a compact form factor.

Kramer FC-331

Kramer Electronics FC-331 3G HD-SDI to HDMI format converter can convert an SDI audio and video signal to an HDMI output signal with the same resolution and frame rate. The FC- 331 accepts a multi-standard SDI signal, either SDI, HD-SDI, or 3G HD-SDI on a BNC connector, and converts the audio and video signal into an HDMI signal output via an HDMI connector. It also has a looping input on a BNC connector so the original SDI signal can be simultaneously sent to a second destination in its original format.

Cooper B-Line Swing Gate Equipment Rack

Cooper B-Line’s SB708 Series is a new addition to its line of Swing Gate Wall Mounted Equipment Racks. The SB708 is designed to support 19-inch or 23-inch rackmounted networking equipment including switches, patch panels and equipment shelves. It features the market’s best load rating of 150 pounds, and has a fast and convenient installation process that, thanks to a singlepiece back which requires no leveling, can be easily completed by a single installer. In addition, the rack’s aluminum door hinges right and left, and opens 130 degrees to both sides, providing convenient access to the back of the mounted equipment. The rack’s aluminum door is also fully removable from its steel frame after installation is complete.

Roland RSS S-0808 Digital Snake

Roland Systems Group’s RSS S- 0808 Digital Snake is an eightin/ eight-out compact, lightweight digital snake that supports multiple power options including battery- power, embedded-powered over REAC and power over ethernet. The inputs offer remote controllable preamps, phantom-power, 24-bit 96kHz A/D conversion as well as choices of XLR, TRS line and even Hi-Z capability to reduce the need for direct boxes. Transfer both audio and power over Cat-5e cable using the RSS S- 4000D splitter and power distributor or the newly announced S- 4000M REAC Merge Unit. The S-4000M not only powers up to four S-0808 units but also enables the merging of all connected I/O into one REAC stream.

Extron DMP 64

Extron Electronics’ new DMP 64 is a 6x4 audio matrix mixer featuring Extron ProDSP, a digital signal processing platform for audio signal routing and control. The DMP 64 features six mono mic/line inputs, each of which can be mixed into any or all four mono line outputs. ProDSP is loaded with powerful tools to control level, dynamics, filters, delay, ducking, loudness, and feedback suppression. The DMP 64 is ideal for presentation applications that require advanced line and microphone audio matrix mixing with DSP in a small form factor. Extron’s ProDSP is engineered from the ground up using a 32/64-bit floating point DSP engine and studio-grade 24-bit audio converters with 48 kHz sampling.

FSR Table Box

FSR’s latest table box, the T6-AC3, provides access to audio/video equipment, computers, telephones or any device requiring electronic connectivity from a conference or boardroom table. The unit’s connector cavity features three integral AC outlets to handle most tabletop requirements, and its isolation from low voltage sections provides built-in safety measures. The T6-AC3 can easily be expanded to six outlets with the addition of a simple bracket. The model can be populated with FSR’s intelligent plate solution inserts, cable-pulls, or snap-in connector brackets to accommodate any configuration request, and features a multi-tiered, plate-stacking arrangement and overall depth adjustment. The T6-AC3’s cover can be closed while in use with cables exiting through the milled openings

Black Box LanScope

The Black Box LanScope Network Analyzer is designed for installing, monitoring, maintaining, upgrading, and troubleshooting any network. LanScope enables LAN installers, technicians, managers, and service providers to quickly maintain and optimize 10/100/1000BASE-T networks with a single tester. This one tool provides one of the most complete suites of testing and analysis functions available. It can be used to discover and identify network devices, and non-intrusively monitor and generate network traffic to identify protocols, port usage, VoIP statistics, and network utilization.

Calrec Omega Audio Console
Calrec Audio has offered a 50 percent expansion of digital signal processing capacity to its Omega with Bluefin console, raising it from the previous 160 to 240 paths. Calrec engineers have leveraged increases in chip speed to increase both the size and power of the Omega. The console’s increased channel count is packaged as 72 stereo plus 96 mono channels, giving the Omega the capacity to provide up to 36 full 5.1 surround channels.

Lenkeng LKV391
Lenkeng’s LKV391 all video to HDMI scaler and switcher is capable of switching between nine sources, scaling any one of the sources up to HDMI. The output resolution is also selectable between 720P and 1080P. It converts signal from DVD player, Bluray disc player, DVR, game console, STB, PC, etc. to HDMI. It is true HDMI 1.3 version and HDCP compliant.

Screen Excellence Enlightor EN1SB
Screen Excellence’s Enlightor 1 SilverBack fabric allows for audio performance, with the lowest insertion loss of any AT screen fabric on the market. EN1SB is the same material as the current EN1 fabric from Screen Excellence, with the important addition of a silver-coated backside. The silver reflective coating helps mitigate visible reflections from projected light that gets through the screen and bounces off the wall or objects behind the screen, like speakers. EN1SB obviates the need for the black backing layer needed behind most acoustically transparent screens, however it is strongly recommended that the surface behind the screen be matte black.

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