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Omnivex Moxie Air to Ground Digital Signage in Norway

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Omnivex Corporation’s Moxie software is being used by the Norwegian Military to take real-time F16 cockpit video and project to audiences on the ground at air shows.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of military flights, the Norwegian Air Force was looking for a way to engage the public at air shows being held across the country. "The goal with the anniversary was to reach out to the Norwegian people through targeted and innovative measures," said Stian Nergaard Nilsen, Project Leader.

The solution was to take video from the cockpit of a General Dynamics F16 coated in red, white and blue, the national colors of Norway, and project it real-time to the ground on large screens for over 500,000 attendees at air shows around the nation.

The solution had to be specially designed and created for use in a military cockpit, with all the limitations this environment has. After a series of tests, a technical solution was designed using Omnivex Moxie to give the audience the best possible access to the cockpit by bringing real-time images down to the ground during air shows. Geir Ove Finstad, CEO of Dataserver, was the man who got the mission to resolve this task. An F-16 aircraft is an advanced military aircraft with peculiarities that made the task harder than similar projects Mr. Finstad had completed. Working with a team from the military, the mission was completed and video from a military fighter aircraft flying at 1,000 km/h can be played real-time on the ground. "This really shows how far you can stretch the definition of real-time data," said Geir Ove Finstad.


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