New Generation Solid-State Audio Line At Denon

New Generation Solid-State Audio Line At Denon

Denon Professional is showing its DN-F300 and DN-F400 solid-state audio players at Booth 6235. The new players further emphasize the company’s commitment to providing consultants and contractors with digitally based, solid media products that feature no moving parts, with high reliability and maintenance- free operation under the most challenging conditions.

The DN-F300 and DN-F400 solid-state audio players take audio playback to new levels by implementing stable and reliable solidstate media technology as the source medium. Both products are able to read MP3 files and uncompressed WAV files from SD or SDHC cards (The DN-F300 reads from USB drives as well), which utilize technology that is far more stable and reliable

Gepco is Denon’s DN-F300 solid-state audio playerin demanding applications than the “spinning” CD. Because of their robust and reliable solidstate media format, the DN-F300 and DNF400 are ideal for audio playback in a myriad of demanding applications, including Background Music (BGM), Fitness and Aerobics, Message on Hold (MOH) systems, theaters and broadcast.

Housed in a compact 1U-rackspace enclosure, the DN-F300 offers contractors and system integrators a versatile solid-state audio player at an extremely cost-effective price point. The DN-F300 also has IR control and a microphone input, making it perfect for fitness and dance applications as well as background music playback. Additionally, the mic input has music ducking, which helps for paging in BGM applications. It also features ±12 percent pitch control, likewise ideal for dance and aerobics/fitness.

Elevated from a standard audio playback device, the DN-F400 is a 1RU, half-rackspace unit designed for background music, message on hold, repetitive messaging, crisis management, or any application requiring audio to be running continuously. The DNF400 features balanced/unbalanced outputs and is also controllable via RS-232C and GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output), making it perfect for theme/amusement parks, malls, government facilities such as post offices, police stations, public transportation, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, airports, museums, art galleries or anywhere a repeated audio announcement is needed.

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