emebaVet Veterinary Clinic Network

  • Scala, Inc. has announced We Three Multimedia, a Gnoasis, Inc company, has contracted with emebaVet, LLC, a California based digital signage network operator to install a 250-location digital signage network in veterinary hospitals across the US.
  • emebaVet made its decision to partner with We Three Multimedia because of their many years of AV production experience that included photography, video production, interactive products like DVD and CD-ROM and web based projects. After closely researching every digital signage platform available in the marketplace emebaVet chose We Three Multimedia, a Scala Certified Partner.
  • The 250 Veterinary location contract includes a large NEC 1020 LCD in the lobby of each veterinary hospital. The content consists of entertainment, education, news and weather, public service and commercial announcements. In addition, each location runs custom, personalized content for the hospital. The most important feature to set emebaVet apart from others in the industry is the fact that emebaVet has chosen to run their network in High Definition. Everything that is created for the network by emebaVet is produced in HD 720p resolution.
  • “We have so many choices when it come to video these days. Resolutions, compression CODECs, formats, it will make your head spin -- but Scala doesn’t care. We are compressing these huge High Definition video segments and sending them via IP to our players and Scala puts them on the screens beautifully”, says Dan Hong, VP Technology for emebaVet.
  • “It is my job to feed the content monster, and the appetite is ravenous. Scala gives me the tools and the flexibility to present our information in ways that are amazing. Like being able to randomize content so that it never appears to be playing in a loop. There are so many different ways to attack a problem that I am always confident when I get a special request because I know the solution will only be limited by my imagination”, says Caleb Sexton, Director of Content for emebaVet.
  • Deployment of the 250 locations began in the spring and completion is expected by October. This implementation is only considered a preliminary step with emebaVet expecting to be in 1000 locations by the end of 2008.
  • More information is available at www.scala.com.
  • Or contact: Richard Trask, Director Public Relations, Scala, Inc.
  • (610)363-3350
  • marketing@scala.com

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