New Products: December 2010

New Products: December 2010

Analog Way Smart Edge

Analog Way’s Smart Edge is a high-resolution seamless switcher with dual output edge blending. Smart Edge offers 10 universal analog inputs, including two fitted with DVI and two fitted with HD-SDI. With digital processing, Smart Edge outputs digital and analog signals in SDI, DVI, and VGA. A selection of many formats from HDTV to Computer 2K will enable you to match the resolution of your display device. Smart Edge allows users to create wide blended screens either horizontally or vertically. One unit will handle two video projectors. Multi-Screen Edge Blending can be achieved by linking up to three Smart Edge units, resulting in panoramic image with up to six video projectors without any loss of synchronization.

Hitachi CP-AW250N

Hitachi’s CP-AW250N ultimate short throw projector features a throw distance of 22-inches at an 80-inch screen when displaying content in its native WXGA resolution. The CP-AW250N offers a high brightness of 2500 ANSI lumens at a weight of 8.5 pounds and also achieves a high contrast ratio of 2000:1. Hitachi’s new free-shaped lens and mirror improve throw ratio while also making the projector smaller and lighter. In addition, they improve resolution quality, displaying high-definition images. The shorter throw distance and lighter weight allow for easier installations in limited space and more flexible wall mounting.

Grass Valley T2 Intelligent Digital Disk Recorder

Grass Valley has introduced new option packs, as well as Service Pack 3, for the T2 Intelligent Digital Disk Recorder (iDDR). The newly released Service Pack 3 provides increased usability and workflow efficiencies for the T2 iDDR, while the option packs allow for a wider variety of native playback formats. Delivering superb image quality, versatility, and usability, the Grass Valley T2 iDDR is a record and playback system that combines advanced nonlinear features, with VTR-like controls. It has two playback channels and one record channel, all simultaneously and independently available, supporting full 1920x1080 resolution, as well as 720p and 480i formats.

Sharp Electronics 60 Professional LCD Monitor

Sharp Electronics’ PN-V601 professional LCD monitor brings a multitude of possibilities with the ability to stitch multiple monitors together to create large, beautifully vibrant video walls and displays. These displays are made possible by the PN-V601’s ultra-thin bezel width of just 6.5mm, which creates an unobtrusive seam between each monitor, allowing an image to span as many as 25 monitors in both landscape and portrait orientation.

Audio-Technica BP893

Audio-Technica’s BP893 Micro- Earset omnidirectional condenser headworn microphone offers inconspicuous placement along with clear voice pickup. Its extended frequency response provides natural sound reproduction, and its lightweight low-profile design makes the microphone ideal for use in theatrical performances, houses of worship, and broadcast studios. The BP893 is positioned unobtrusively over either ear. The microphone includes a 55-inch permanently attached miniature cable. Its free end connects to the provided AT8539 power module via a locking four-pin connector. The connector is also compatible with all A-T UniPak body-pack transmitters. The output of the power module is a three-pin XLRM-type connector.

Wohler AMP1-E8-MDA-3G

Wohler Technologies’ AMP1-E8-MDA-3G is the company’s first 1RU, 8-channel audio monitor to support 3G transmissions as well as a comprehensive array of Dolby audio sources. The AMP1-E8-MDA-3G is a high-quality audio monitoring solution capable of monitoring audio from Dolby E, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, 3G, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, AES/EBU, and analog signal sources. The system provides embedded Dolby D, E, Digital Plus, and AES audio processing with metering and alternate undecoded Dolby, AES, and analog inputs, as well as complete downmixing capabilities.

Calrec Audio Artemis

Calrec Audio’s Artemis is an audio console with routing and processing power that belies its modest footprint. Artemis is based on the award-winning Apollo platform and, like Apollo, relies on the most advanced Calrec technology: Bluefin2 for processing and Hydra2 for routing. Bluefin2, the next generation of Calrec’s trademark Bluefin High Density Signal Processing platform, enables Artemis to provide substantial resources at multiple sample rates. Running at 48 kHz, Bluefin2 gives Artemis up to 680 channel processing paths, 128 program busses, 64 IFB/track outputs, and 32 auxiliaries.

Liberty AV Solutions HDMI Cable Groups

Liberty AV Solutions is now offering HDMI cable organized within four distinct product groups designed to meet the growing needs of a diverse marketplace. Offered in a variety of lengths, gauges, and even colors, the Liberty family of HDMI cable exceeds HDMI spec requirements in many cases, is UL listed, and supports multiple data rates.

Crown Audio ComTech DriveCore Series Amplifiers

Crown Audio’s ComTech DriveCore series of amplifiers offer up to eight channels and 150 watts per channel in a one-unit chassis without a fan. The line features the Integrated DriveCore technology chip that offers performance boasting a signal-to-noise ratio of 110 dB. DriveCore also has feedback and protection circuits integrated into the silicon for fast response. The amplifiers feature flexible input routing and universal power supply and conform to Harman Professionals Green Edge environmental initiative.

Roland Systems Group VR-5 AV Mixer and Recorder

Roland Systems Group’s VR-5 is a fully integrated audio mixer and video switcher with built-in recorder/player for live production and web streaming. There are audio inputs from mics, audio mixing, video sources to a video mixer, computer inputs, video playback, video monitors, capturing the event in some form, and also streaming it live online.

AKG Perception Wireless

AKG’s Perception Wireless System comes complete with bandwidths up to 30 MHz and low-current transmitters. The Perception Wireless is designed to accommodate musicians and entrylevel audio technicians, although it has the capabilities to handle difficult audio setups with up to eight channels per band. The Perception Wireless Series consists of a vocal set, with the handheld transmitter HT 45 featuring a dynamic cardioid capsule; the instrumental set, which comes with the pocket transmitter PT 45 plus instrument cable; the sports set with the pocket transmitter, as well as a C 544 head-worn microphone; and a presenter set, complete with the PT 45 and a CK 99 L lavaliere microphone.

JBL Professional Macintosh Software For MSC1 Monitor System Controller

JBL Professional’s MSC1 Control Center Software for Macintosh allows Mac users to take advantage of the JBL MSC1 Monitor System Controllers speaker tuning and software-controlled features. In a compact desktop form factor, the MSC1 Monitor System Controller provides features found in the monitor section of professional mixing consoles, including input source selectors, a large volume control, and the ability to listen to two sets of speakers plus a connected subwoofer. Control Center Software for Macintosh allows adjustment of MSC1 speaker alignment delay, EQ, and settings for a connected subwoofer.

Soundcraft Si Compact Digital Live Sound Mixer

Soundcraft’s Si Compact Series is a power-packed range of digital consoles that brings all the experience of Soundcraft’s digital mixing platforms for tour sound, corporate event, house of worship, and theatre applications. With full DSP functionality built-in to a smallfootprint chassis, the Si Compact provides up to 40 inputs to mix in three frame sizes, the smallest of which is also rack-mountable. Motorized faders with patented Soundcraft FaderGlow operate on two layers, but the main difference from similarly priced mixers is the provision of a full encoder set for all the functions on a channel, from input gain through EQ and dynamics to bus controls.

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