Whisper Club Makes Debut with Community

Whisper Club Makes Debut with Community

Philadelphia, PA--Located in Philadelphia's lively Rittenhouse Square area, the Whisper Club's debut has garnered rave reviews from local club-goers. Sixty-Five LED screens put on a spectacular light show in the club's sleek interior, while an A-List of top DJs set the tone through the club's powerful, rock-steady sound system. As Adam Freemer of Sonic Solutions LLC explains, the unique audio requirements of night clubs call for creative solutions.

"Nightclubs are a demanding audio environment," Freemer said. "While their systems need high output and fidelity, durability also becomes vital. They must operate for six to eight hours per night without causing fatigue to the customers' ears over an extended time frame."

Freemer selected Community Professional Loudspeakers for the Whisper Club's sound system. He had used Community for several years in a wide range of applications, including Philadelphia's popular nightspot G.

"The owners (of Whisper Club) wanted a top notch high output sound system with the fidelity of G Lounge, but with more output for a larger dance floor and a wide range of DJs playing different formats," Freemer said. "The Solutions Series is my 'secret weapon' for high-fidelity, high-output systems. It's one of the best sounding cabinets out there, at any price, and it just happens to be extremely affordable. I'm a huge fan of horn-loaded speaker design, and the SLS960 has amazing fidelity, clarity and sensitivity, all rolled into one box.

Whisper has approximately 50 loudspeakers, including 22 on the centrally located main dance floor. They range from subwoofer cabinets to hanging super tweeter arrays. Four main clusters frame the dance floor. Each cluster has a three-way Community Solutions SLS960 top cabinet paired with a Community SBS22 double 12-inch mid bass cabinet.

The DJ booth is covered by a pair of Community iBOX iHP1296 two-way loudspeakers, with low-end thump handled by an iLF218 subwoofer. And two of Community's VERIS 8 loudspeakers provide fill for the venue's rear bar.

Freemer chose Thrive for the system's amplifiers. Their custom amplifier line is designed and built by Summit Audio, a world-renowned studio gear manufacturer. The sound system uses BSS Audio Soundweb London for processing. Freemer selected a pair of BLU-160 DSP processors because of their quiet and high-grade A/D and D/A converters.

In addition to some of Philadelphia's best DJs, Whisper welcomes the best from other cities as well. It features VIP areas and special sections that give the party crowd whatever atmosphere they desire. And wherever they venture inside of Whisper, the music will sound just right.

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