Screen Innovations Reveals Black Diamond Stealth -

Screen Innovations Reveals Black Diamond Stealth

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Making its U.S. debut, Screen Innovations is demonstrating its Black Diamond Stealth motorized projection screen for InfoComm attendees.

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Consisting of a slender, cable-hung, motorized cassette, Stealth drops a small tube from the ceiling hanging only by thin aircraft cables. The tube then stops at a preset location and rolls the material down into place. When powered off, Stealth rolls from the bottom up using custom helixes and disappears out of sight.

Featuring Black Diamond ambient light rejection technology that reduces measured light scatter by over 75 percent, Stealth absorbs all unwanted ambient light in bright environments and increases viewer immersion in dark environments. Stealth delivers zero glare and reflection when used in a bright environment, according to the company.

The Black Diamond Stealth motorized projection screen will be released this fall.

In addition, Screen Innovations is now shipping the Black Diamond Zero Edge. With a pencil-thin bezel, Zero Edge screens blend with existing décor. Black Diamond Zero Edge is available in custom diagonal screen sizes, with several options to suit a diverse range of applications.

Also shipping, the new Black Diamond Venue micro-seamed rigid panel projection screen eliminates the need for a dark environment when projecting large-scale images. Utilizing SI’s unique Black Diamond screen material allows Venue to work in any space with the lights on or off, and increases projector contrast by over 900 percent, according to the company. Black Diamond Venue is available in all three Black Diamond G3 materials including the new Black Diamond BD 2.7, BD 1.4 Gain, and BD .8 Gain.


Screen Innovations Black Diamond

Screen Innovations (SI) has enlarged Black Diamond. The largest Black Diamond screens to date feature 1.4 gain in new sizes: 16:9 120-inch and 2.35:1 150-inch, in Fixed and Zero Edge formats. The larger Black Diamond screens, as well as other recently designed additions to the SI family, continue to make SI the fastest growing screen company in the world.

Austin Restaurant Features SI Black Diamond Venue Screen promo image

Austin Restaurant Features SI Black Diamond Venue Screen

Projection screen manufacturer Screen Innovations (SI) has installed a massive Black Diamond Venue projection screen at an acclaimed Austin-area fine dining restaurant. The new 215-inch SI Black Diamond Venue projection screen enhances the establishment’s overall aesthetics, and has contributed to the restaurant’s increased traffic, service offering, and operational profitability, the company says.