Boeckeler Puts Pointmaker CPN-6000 at the Heart of Your AV System

Boeckeler Puts Pointmaker CPN-6000 at the Heart of Your AV System

Boeckeler Instruments added new upgrades to the Pointmaker CPN-6000 live streaming annotation system that allow it to perform as the heart of an AV system. The professional hardware-based video processor adds audio and video streaming to the iPad, as well as volume control from either an iPad or a third-party control system.

Here, the Pointmaker CPN-6000 (center) receives the document camera image and streams it to the iPad using the Pointmaker PVI Control app. The presenter annotates the video from his iPad, which is shown live on the HD display connected to the CPN-6000.

These features were requested from the field, explained Pointmaker representative Brent Tremblay. “We implemented them so that the Pointmaker can serve as the heart of an AV system.” By using the CPN-6000 annotation system as a video switcher and scaler, an audio de-embedder, and an audio and video distribution amp with volume control and streaming, integrators can simplify an installation and cut component costs.

“The idea is to help consultants and integrators increase the size of their markets by bringing down the cost to the customer,” Tremblay said. As a powerful scaler, the HDCP-compliant CPN-6000 receives up to nine video inputs in composite, Y/C, VGA and HDMI formats, and scales them to output high resolution formats up to 1920 x 1200. This model distributes video signals using three video outputs, plus the streaming video option.

New Features

Streaming Video to iPad: In the summer 2014 launch of the system, the Pointmaker CPN-6000 streamed video to a networked Windows 7 computer. With this upgrade, the model also streams video to iPad 3 and 4, plus the second generation iPad Mini. “This is the first hardware-and-app system that allows streaming video to the iPad, as well as the ability to annotate that video and output it from the iPad to displays connected to an annotation system,” said Tremblay.

Streaming Audio: With the addition of streaming audio, users now have four ways to output audio: by passing it over HDMI, using the analog audio out, outputting audio via an USB port, or by streaming audio over a network.

Volume Control: The new volume menu in the CPN-6000 allows independent fine-tuning of analog and digital outputs, and features a master control to adjust overall volume. With the updated PVI Control app for iPad, users can adjust the volume from the Control Panel. As with other commonly used Pointmaker features, volume can also be controlled from most third-party control systems.

EDID Control: The recent upgrade also includes the ability to change the reported native resolution of the Pointmaker via a new EDID (Extended Display Identification Device) menu. By default, the CPN-6000 reports a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz, but users can now change this reported resolution. This feature is particularly useful to force a resolution change in a connected video source, such as a computer.

“Initial interest in the upgraded CPN-6000 is coming from the litigation, higher education and distance learning markets,” said Tremblay. “But we can see this becoming our signature model for all AV markets down the road. With the continued feedback from our AV consultants, integrators and users, we’ll continue to strive to provide the most complete and competitively priced annotation processor out there.”

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