New Products Jan/Feb 2007

New Products Jan/Feb 2007
  • Da-Lite Screen Company's Advance Base Plate Cart (BPC-46) is designed for storage and transport of pipe and drapery bases. The BPC-46 will accommodate up to 46 standard 18 inch x 18 inch x 3/8 inch base plates. The lower portion of the cart allows the plates to be stored vertically for easy access and the dual inner partitions create three spaces to store a smaller number of plates. The upper storage area holds the pinions. Featuring two six-inch stationary casters in front with two six-inch swivel casters in the rear, the BPC-46 is constructed of steel with arc welds and is finished with a black powder coated finish. For more information visit

Drape King's new rigid molded plastic hampers are perfect for shipping or storing the drapes to keep them clean and dry. Complete will full-swivel casters, as well as custom high quality lids with a ring bumper edge and wheel wells for stacking the hampers, they provide easy handling and storage. Drape Kings offers a complete turnkey solution providing the drape, support hardware, and technical services needed to complete all jobs. For more information visit

Rose Brand LED Star Drops

Rose Brand offers the latest in star drop technology. The ShowLED system offers a great choice in star drop technology. The StarLite LED points cast bright, wide-angle blue/white light though frosted bulbs that are nearly unbreakable. The RGB Color LEDs are able to display any color in the 32-bit pallete. The quality and intensity of the light output, as well as the wide viewing angle, create great results with fewer points of light per square foot than a similarly sized fiber optic star drop. Compared to a traditional fiber optic star drops, ShowLED Star Drops are lighter in weight, the points are brighter and no illuminators are needed. Each ShowLED stardrop comes with a compact, lightweight DMX-compatible 8-channel controller. The controller supports up to 512 LEDs and offers 10 pre-set chase patterns. You can control parameters such as speed, hard or soft chase, light intensity and the pattern type and color selection. For more information visit

RCF's Monitor Q Series

The Monitor Q Series is an additional family to add to the versatility of the RCF Monitor range of speakers. The Monitor Q Series offers modern industrial design along with impeccable acoustic engineering with six installation specific models. RCF Engineers have worked to create a true combination of design and acoustics with 'installation friendly' mounting and fixing systems to please both the sound contractor, architect and end client. For example the MQ50 has an innovative speaker fixing system, which allows the contractor to wire in and terminate connections via the bracket assembly during a 'first fix' part of the installation. Then simply when the building project is complete the speaker and included termination cable is simply plugged into the pre-fixed bracket assembly. For more information visit

Avlex Ma-808 Portable Wireless Pa System

Avlex Corporation's new MA-808 portable wireless PA system features a rugged, high-impact enclosure with retractable handles and integrated wheels for easy transport, this bi-amplified system delivers clear, powerful sound-thanks to a Class AB amplifier for the HF (high frequency) driver and a Class D amplifier that drives a large, 10-inch woofer. With a built-in MP3 recorder/player module, support for two wireless receiver modules, and storage provisions for the transmitters, the MA-808 is a complete, self-contained PA solution. The MA-808 is all about performance, and the bi-amplified power system plays an important role by utilizing dedicated amplifiers each for the HF and LF sections. For thunderous low end, the MA-808's Class D amplifier delivers 120 watts RMS and feeds a 10-inch woofer. To ensure crystal clear high frequency performance, the unit's HF section is powered by a 50-watt RMS, Class AB power amp. For more information visit

Daktronics/DNF Controls' ST304 Slo-Mo Controller

DNF Controls announced that Daktronics has integrated DNF's ST304 slow-motion controller into the Daktronics ProShow video production package to support the production of instant replays and highlight reels at sports stadiums and arenas nationwide. With the ST304's streamlined user interface, Daktronics' customers can quickly mark up to 100 cue points per channel for instant replays or for later use in creating end-of-game highlights. The system supports two record and two replay channels. These cue points are retained even when the product is powered off, allowing material to be loaded onto a nonlinear editing system after the game for additional post-production work. Users can quickly and easily control the speed of replay from 0 percent to 200 percent with either a tactile wheel or T-bar. For more information visit and

Denon DN-V755

Denon Professional released its flagship DN-V755 network audio visual player. The DN-V755 provides musical instrument retailers, pro audio dealers and end users with a complete visual messaging solution and was developed based on direct feedback from leading end users and consultants in the field. The DN-V755 reflects Denon Professional's ongoing commitment to provide products that incorporate efficient and intuitive operation. Designed to meet the increasing demand for digital signage multimedia solutions for MI retailers, pro audio dealers, theme parks, houses of worship, museums, crisis management centers, kiosks and other commercial applications where customized video is desired, the DN-V755 offers extensive playback capabilities through its built-in 40 GB hard drive and extended range of compatible formats. For more information visit

Waves' Live Bundle

Live sound engineers and sound designers can now take advantage of the same impeccable audio processors studios have been relying on for years. Recording and broadcast legends like the L2 Ultramaximizer, C4 MultiBand, and MaxxBass, optimized for Digidesign VENUE D-Show consoles. Put Waves Live Bundle together with MaxxBCL, and you have the ultimate live sound solution. For the very first time, Waves brings its tradition of excellence to the live environment with the Live Bundle, 27 plug-ins custom-engineered especially for Digidesign Venue Series. Live sound engineers and sound designers can now take advantage of the same audio processors studios have been relying on for years. With Waves Live Bundle and D-Show, external processing racks are a thing of the past. For more information visit

J&J Electronics' ColorGlo Par 30 and Par 56 LED lamps

ColorGloTM RGB LED par lamps are an easy to install, inexpensive way to add color change to set elements for touring, events, theater and television. ColorGlo LED par 30 and par 56 lamps (also works in Par 60 with spacer) install into a medium Edison screw base for simple integration into conventional fixtures used on truss and in other set elements. The lamps feature on-board programming for static colors or color changing effects activated by simply switching a circuit on and off to advance through program choices. At only 12 or 35 watts each, dozens of lamps can be run on a single circuit with synchronization and programming activated by a single switch. Available in either a 72 or 202 LED configuration, they generate saturated color without the use of theatrical gels, color scrollers or dicroic lenses. For more information visit

Martin's Maxxyz Version 2.0 Software

Martin Professional has released application software Version 2.0 for both the Maxxyz and Maxxyz PC controllers. Martin has also released Maxxyz OS (Operating System) 2.0. Version 2.0 software adds a host of useful features and feature updates to the Maxxyz controller range and is available for download at A complete redesign of the graphical user interface (GUI) provides more flexible control including saveable GUI configurations, new window docking and 16 views per touchscreen. Martin's Maxxyz and Maxedia Media Composer now share the same user interface, making programming and operation easy and logical between different Martin Professional controller products. Further integration of Martin controller products is already in progress. Clones show content like cues, presets and cue lists to alternative or additional lighting fixtures. Cloning allows users to copy fixtures for expanded lighting systems or to replace fixtures within the show file between different types.
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Nelson Custom Case's MRI Series

At the heart of the case is a custom molded rubber insert, produced in house by Nelson Custom Case known as the MRI Series. Our design allows for the unit to lay flat in transport as per the manufacture's recommendation with the yoke locks in the off position and it allows for the hanging clamps to remain on the unit. You can easily raise the unit from the case by tilting the yoke into position before lifting. You can also easily make changes to the control modules while the unit is in the case and there is a storage compartment that will accommodate two additional effects units. Our standard design is offered in 3/8 inch ATA style construction with four recessed handles, four recessed large catches, four recessed stacking cups for wheels in the removable lid, four 3.5 inch (Colson Red) casters, along with a full 3A Birch Plywood caster plate. For more information visit

Crest Audio's CV-20

Crest Audio introduced the CV-20 live-sound mixing console, an incredibly flexible VCA audio solution designed for applications such as front-of-house, monitors and monitors from front-of-house. The CV-20 is available in 24, 32, 40, 48, and 56 mono input configurations with four-band sweepable EQ and fully parametric mid-frequency control on each mono input. A feature set of 12 aux sends, eight subgroup assignments and L/C/R panning to the left/right and mono busses provide a wealth of audio routing options as well as Crest Audio's renowned pristine sound quality. Standard on all CV-20 frames are eight stereo input channels consisting of four microphone-line channels and four dual-line channels with the same full assignment capabilities as the mono input channels, plus eight VCA masters, 12 aux masters, eight subgroups and separate left/right/mono controls that can be "fader reversed" to allow fader control of the aux masters. For more information visit

Sierra Video Systems Lassen XL

Sierra Video Systems announced the availability of it's Lassen XL analog routing switchers with increased bandwidth, and the inclusion of IP connectivity in all Lassen family routing switchers. The composite video and stereo audio Lassen XL analog routing switchers improve upon the previous models (Lassen Analog routing switchers) with the addition of an IP port for Ethernet connectivity and improved video boards with increased bandwidth. The Lassen HD and Lassen SDI routing switcher families are also now outfitted with an IP port for Ethernet connectivity. The rear panels of all Lassen family routing switchers are now outfitted with RJ-45 connectors for IP communication over Ethernet, and continue to offer RS-232/422 control capability. For Lassen XL composite video routing switchers, improved XL video boards allow for increased bandwidth to 300MHz @ -3dB. Lassen XL routing switchers are available in sizes from 12x4 to 32x32 with redundant power supply optional in 32x16 and 32x32 models. For more information visit

JBL's VRX928LA Line Array And VRX915S Subwoofer

JBL Professional unveiled the new VRX928LA line array loudspeaker and the VRX915S compact suspendable subwoofer. The VRX928LA is a lightweight, compact 8-inch, 2-way, 400-watt line array loudspeaker system that provides line array performance in smaller applications that do not require the long-throw characteristics. The VRX915S subwoofer contains a 2265G neodymium magnet, patented Differential Drive, 15-inchwoofer in a front-loaded, vented enclosure. The VRX915S complements the VRX928LA line array loudspeaker and both can be safely suspended using the VRX-SMAF small array frame. The light and compact JBL VRX915S boasts a 15-inch,2265G-1 Differential Drive woofer with an 800-watt AES power rating that provides extended low-frequency output. The VRX915S features integral rigging hardware for simple connection of VRX928LA line-arrays and optional array frame and may be used in arrays consisting entirely of VRX915S subwoofers. For more information visit

SLS Loudspeakers 8290 Multipurpose PA System

SLS Loudspeakers introduced its new 8290 multipurpose portable PA box. While its vast applications include multimedia installations, public speaking and speeches, as well as house and stage monitor usage, the 8290's full-range passive high-quality dual 8 inch design incorporates a compact multi-angled cabinet with maximum sound pressure levels. Established as a solution for professional applications that require intelligibility of sound, the 8290 is equipped with SLS' PRD500 planar ribbon driver that is contained within a 90 degree die-cast aluminum waveguide. Its dual 8 inch woofers provide increased control in the vertical plane. For more information visit

Furman's IT-20 II

Designed for the most ultra-low noise installations, the IT-20 II can supply 20 amps of balanced AC power for recording studios, broadcast stations, or video production facilities. To understand the incredible need for clean noise-free AC power, it's important to note that today's sophisticated studio equipment features tremendous dynamic range. Most of the signal content that defines high resolution such as harmonics, instrument timbre, high frequency extension, spatial cues, and fast transient attacks in audio are inherently low in signal level. Further, when AC noise is induced into audio processors, pre-amplifiers, microphones, powered monitors, computers, and mixing consoles these all important low level signals are distorted or masked. Once signals are masked there is no way to retrieve the lost content. Advanced AC filtering is critical when audio or video resolution is at stake. For more information visit

Symetrix's AirTools 6200 and 528E

Symetrix's dual-channel AirTools 6200 Digital Voice Processor and its analog progenitor, the legendary Symetrix 528E. Visitors to the Symetrix booth will be able to try out both voice processors in a simulated podcast kiosk. Each unit possesses a microphone preamp, a de-esser, a compressor, a downward expander, equalizers, and voice symmetry. Modular by design, the processors within these units can be placed in any order to suit particular applications. The AirTools 6200 adds to these capabilities AGC, instant recall of 256 saved programs, dual mono or stereo configuration, and a computer software interface for network access and fast, transparent program creation or tweaks. For more information visit

Audio-Technica Freeway 200 Series

Audio-Technica has updated its Freeway 200 Series wireless systems with new cosmetics and a space saving AC adapter. Available in handheld, headworn, guitar, lavaliere and body-pack configurations, the Freeway 200 Series wireless systems are single-channel, fixed-frequency systems available in three VHF traveling frequencies. The systems also feature an advanced dipole antenna system for extended operating range. Each Freeway 200 Series Wireless System includes the ATW-R250 receiver and either a body-pack transmitter or handheld microphone/transmitter on a specific crystal controlled frequency. The ATW-R250 is a single-channel receiver with a space saving power supply, perfect when multiple AC power supplies are employed as part of a system. For more information visit

Yamaha MG Mixers

Yamaha Corporation of America introduced a brand new lineup of small format analog MG Mixers that are designed to fill the most demanding requirements for production and sound reinforcement applications. These four redesigned models, engineered and built by Yamaha, offer a number of feature additions, including single-knob compression on two inputs, switch-able monitor mix routing, upgraded components and enhanced cosmetics. Existing MG10/2, MG8/2FX, MG12/4, and MG12/4FX models are being replaced by the MG102C, MG82CX, MG124C, and MG124CX, respectively. Carrying over from the former generation, the two "CX" models continue to offer SPX-quality digital effects and the MG102C and MG82CX remain mic stand mountable. For more information