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Biamp Systems Launches Devio Collaboration Tool for Huddle Rooms

Biamp Systems Launches Devio Collaboration Tool for Huddle Rooms

Biamp Systems has unveiled its Devio collaboration system as part of Biamp's 40th anniversary year of activities. Created specifically for huddle rooms and small gathering spaces, the solution was designed to make collaboration fast, simple, and intuitive.

"As our work spaces continue to migrate toward open office floor plans, employees need spaces where they can gather and brainstorm without disturbing co-workers," said Rob Houston, product manager, unified communications (UC) products, Biamp Systems. "Devio provides a very unique solution, in that it enables people to quickly transition from their desks or cubicles to a collaboration space; connect their laptops to the technology in that room; and start collaborating with colleagues in person and via soft-codec conferencing systems such as Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, WebEx, and more."

With a single USB 3.0 connection to a Windows or Mac OS X-based computer, Devio brings audio input and output and simple connectivity to in-room technology including displays, Web cameras, and more. Once connected to the CR-1, end users can share content locally and initiate their preferred soft codec from their computers — with no additional software applications or devices to learn how to use.

The CR-1 back panel includes two HDMI outputs to support in-room displays, a USB 2.0 port for USB Web camera connectivity, and a four-pin headset jack for phone bridging. Audio output options include an integrated 20W powered two-pin connector for rooms using passive speaker options or an RCA-out for amplifier connection. Devio includes Auto Setup, which automates the setting of audio input and output levels. Multiple CR-1 units in an installation can be managed centrally using the Devio software administration utility (SAU) or via SNMP, and firmware and configurations can be mass deployed.

The Devio comes bundled with the DTM-1 beam-forming microphone. The eight-element DTM-1 microphone features 360-degree coverage collected from three 120-degree zones, tracking voices in each zone and mixing audio from multiple zones —intended to give remote conference participants a natural representation of the conversation as it occurs.

Engineered to fit into any space and minimize clutter, the CR-1 features a mounting clip that enables it to be installed on top of or under the room's work surface, or even mounted on a wall behind a display. The DTM-1 can also be mounted to the table, minimizing cables and securing the microphone's position in the room.

"Our 40th anniversary will usher in a new era of innovation at Biamp," said Graeme Harrison, executive vice president of marketing at Biamp Systems. "Now is the perfect time to unveil Devio and show our customers how Biamp continues to deliver first-class, reliable, and forward-thinking solutions to rooms of all sizes, with an eye on simplicity, ease of install, management, and control."

Devio is currently shipping through authorized channels. More information on Biamp's full line of products is available at

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