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Wohler Releases Software for Portable Pandora Loudness Analyzer

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Wohler Technologies has announced a new software release for the company's Pandora portable loudness analyzer.

Pandora monitors up to eight channels of audio embedded in 3G/HD/SD-SDI or eight AES channels and, through the Wohler Loudness application, allows users to monitor, analyze, and demonstrate audio loudness levels on an iPad or iPod touch. Added features and capabilities introduced with this new software release include compatibility with ITU-R BS.1770-1 as well as ITU-R BS.1770-2 and EBU R128; faster, more convenient, and more frequent measurement display updating; and improvements to Pandora's gating function.

"Pandora already is known for its convenience and ease of use, and the enhancements in this new software release simply build on those strengths," said Don Bird, chief marketing officer at Wohler. "Users continue to enjoy at-a-glance access to key loudness measurement data, now displayed in an even more accessible way, as well as greater responsiveness to shifting loudness levels."

A compact and easy-to-read desktop or rack-mountable monitor, Pandora can be employed at any point in the broadcast chain that requires simple, accurate loudness monitoring. The unit facilitates easy capture, storage, and email delivery of loudness log files; comprehensive measurement of loudness metrics (LKFS/LUFS) over a user-defined period of time; and full compatibility with ITU-R BS.1770-1, ITU-R BS.1770-2, and EBU R128 to ensure its utility in both domestic and foreign broadcast facilities for the foreseeable future.

Enhancements to Pandora's measurement and display capabilities include larger display of the "average" measurement on the numeric display screen, making that important measurement much easier to see. To simplify the loudness measurement of short programs, such as commercials, the "average" display begins with the first measured sample, making the "average" measurement immediately available when the loudness measurement is started.

Wohler's new software release for Pandora also doubles the rate at which the loudness measurement display is updated. By taking this rate up to two updates per second, Pandora provides even greater responsiveness to changing loudness levels while maintaining a clear indication of those changes.

The new Pandora software release will be on display at Wohler's 2012 NAB Show booth N5211 and is available from the iTunes App Store now.


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