Brainstorm SR-112 Time Code Distripalyzer -

Brainstorm SR-112 Time Code Distripalyzer

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Brainstorm Electronics is introducing for the first time at InfoComm 2012 (Booth #C11349) the new SR-112 Time Code Distripalyzer. 

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This new model is designed for large AV systems, theme park attractions, cruise ship entertainment, synchronized water fountains, and remote recording trucks, among many other applications.

Brainstorm's new SR-112 Time Code Distripalyzer replaces the industry standard SR-15+. It is a time code reader, distributor, reshaper, analyzer and generator all in a 1U rack mount device. The analyzer indicates format, frame rate, errors and video phase, and outputs a comprehensive report; the 1x12 distributor reshapes the signal; the optional generator repairs drop-outs and generates new code. All SMPTE and EBU SD/HD rates are supported. Ethernet is included for reporting and to set parameters and update firmware.


Deciphering the MNEC Code

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CODE+ART Contest at NC State

Christie sponsored the James B. Hunt Jr. Library’s Code+Art contest at North Carolina State University. The contest challenged students to develop large-scale, data-driven “generative art” for library’s 20-foot wide Art Wall and curved iPearl Immersion Theater. The results were on display until April 29.

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Own The Code

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Closing Time

For this, my final GreenAV article for SCN, I went back and reread the 11 articles I have written for this column over the past three years.