Telex Releases Wireless Intercom System -

Telex Releases Wireless Intercom System

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The RadioCom BTR-80N narrow band two-channel UHF synthesized wireless intercom system is a revolutionary product designed for today's ever-changing and shrinking RF environment. Providing an unprecedented 25 kHz of modulated bandwidth, the BTR-80N narrow band system allows more users per channel in the increasingly cramped UHF spectrum. The BTR-80N provides excellent audio performance and all the standard features of the Telex RadioCom BTR-800 system, such as DSP digital processing and Intelligent Power Control.


HME To Show DX121 Digital Wireless Intercom System

Industries requiring wireless channels for one to four users, as well as those that need the flexibility of expanded wireless support throughout large venues will be excited about the DX121 Digital Wireless Intercom System. Its compact, robust design was made for longevity. And its ease of use, added features, afforda

Wireless Intercom System Debuts

Anchor Audio's ProLink wireless intercom system is being promoted in the industry as an ideal solution for television crews, theater directors, factory workers, and athletic coaches. Anchor ProLink is easy to set-up and operate, and it delivers full duplex audio which makes communication comfortable and natural. ProLi