Visix Delivers Windows XPe Media Players -

Visix Delivers Windows XPe Media Players

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ATLANTA, GA--Visix announces that all newly manufactured AxisTV media players that run on PC platforms now have the Windows XPe operating system.

The embedded OS offers a number of security and reliability benefits unmatched by previous operating systems. The most notable security advantages reduce network vulnerability and prevent installation of rogue applications or domain policies that can interrupt the delivery of visual communications content.

The migration to XPe will further improve manufacturing performance during the reseal and cloning process. The efficiencies gained in production will create an improved user experience and the realized cost savings will be passed on to the reseller channel and the consumer.

“Most of our competitors rely on consumer-grade operating systems like Vista and XP Professional,” stated Tonya Pritt, director of client services with Visix. “Visual communication applications like digital signage have evolved into mission critical communication mediums that deliver time sensitive information, so they require performance attributes found in a more industrial OS. Accidentally applying a domain policy that impedes the delivery of timely information can be very disruptive to an organization.”

The AxisTV media player software will still be available for purchase and installation on PCs running Windows XP Professional. Interested parties can purchase PCs from Visix loaded with Windows XP Professional and bench configured with the AxisTV media player application.


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