NVerizon Introduces NCompass Platform

NVerzion has launched the NCompass software platform, which enables broadcasters to manage the processing and playout of file-based content received through a variety of content delivery systems like PitchBlue and Pathfire.

NCompass allows stations to manage each platform with a single, common user interface providing access to program metadata and enabling operators to take content directly from providers to the on-air video server.

File-based workflow is rapidly becoming the norm in the broadcast industry with the majority of commercial and programming material being delivered as digital files. However, the AV files delivered by various content delivery systems are not always compatible with the video server and require transcoding to make them playable on the broadcast facility's existing system.

NCompass allows the broadcast operator to choose and move specific content from different delivery systems both manually and automatically. Manual transfer is achieved by simply dragging and dropping the desired content to the preferred destination. In the automated system, users create a set of configurable, predefined rules for automatic transfer, naming, and segmenting of content. The rules are stored in individual, editable text files and the format can be changed based on the delivery system. Additionally, material can also be moved from the source device to configurable destinations, such as FlipFactory and Carbon Coder.

"Our goal at NVerzion is to eliminate the broadcasters' pain by providing them with the necessary tools for efficient automated workflow," said Scott Murphy, president of NVerzion. "NCompass is a crucial part of the toolkit because it empowers operators to easily and cost-effectively manage content and metadata without having to worry about file format compatibility or the specific requirements of a given content delivery system."

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