New Products December

New Products December
  • Extron Electronics' MPX 866 A, a media presentation matrix switcher, combines three matrix switchers in a single, compact enclosure: an 8 x 6 VGA switcher; a 6 x 6 composite video and S-video switcher; and a 14 x 6 audio switcher. It provides outputs to match the VGA, S-video, and composite video inputs found on many projectors.
  • To simplify video signal routing, the MPX 866 A is equipped with a built-in video transcoder capable of decoding composite video into S-video, and encoding S-video into composite video. In addition to dual, independent serial ports, MPX 866 A control options include front panel control, a front panel serial configuration port, and Extron IP Link Ethernet monitoring and control for device management over a LAN, WAN, or the internet, using standard TCP/IP protocols.

Analog Way has developed what it claims is the longest full resolution DVI copper cable on the market. This new cable can drive high definition display devices with definition up to 1600x1200 or 1080p@60Hz on a distance as long as 230 feet. This new DVI cable is the longest of the new range launched by Analog Way.

This new range of cables comes with a built-in equalizer and can be used between any DVI compliant devices. They are available in different lengths: E30DVI cable DVI-D M/F 100 feet; E40DVI cable DVI-D M/F 130 feet; E50DVI cable DVI-D M/F 165 feet; E60DVI cable DVI-D M/F 200 feet; E70DVI cable DVI-D M/F 230 feet.

Anchor Audio's Hearing Assistance Systems

Anchor Audio has developed new ADA compliant hearing assistance systems. The multi-purpose systems are designed to help hard of hearing people better understand speech, music and other sounds during a movie, performance, lecture, meeting or worship service. The wireless link broadcasts to listeners directly from the sound source, helping to overcome background noise or distance.

To make it easy for the consumer product packages were designed to include all the necessary "parts" to use the systems on arrival. The basic assistive listening package includes one rack mountable transmitter and four belt pack receivers with ear bud headphones nicely delivered in a transportable carrying box. An unlimited number of receivers can be used at one time. If you have two presentations at the same time in the same building, it is simple to set the first group to one channel and the second group to another channel.

Stealth Acoustics' A3

Stealth Acoustics released its new model A3 high-performance, 3-way invisible speaker for critical whole house audio, home theater, and light commercial applications. The A3 is a 3-way, full-range speaker utilizing a rigid frame that fits into a standard 3.5-inch deep stud wall and attaches directly to standard structural framing without the need for special mounting brackets. The paintable, active, diaphragm radiating surface is a structurally-modified three layer composite consisting of two layers of graphics-grade paper with a modified foam core, suitable for receiving most standard wall or ceiling finishes including latex paint, light texture, or wallpaper.

NEC's MultiSync 1940WCXM Widescreen Monitor

NEC's MultiSync 1940WCXM wide-screen monitor is an extension of the popular MultiSync CX Series. With a lightning-fast 5-millisecond response time, contrast ratio of 700:1, native resolution of 1440 x 900, and integrated down-firing speakers, the thin-frame, wide-screen display is ideal for consumers and home office users. Wide-aspect LCDs have been one of the fastest growing display trends in the consumer market. With ergonomic design and advanced imaging technology that enhance the front-of-screen experience, the MultiSync 1940WCXM monitor delivers the performance to capitalize on this trend.

Controls for the monitor are designed to be easy-to-read and use. The On-Screen Manager (OSM) provides clear and straightforward menus that put users in easy control of their screen setting adjustments. The new 1940WCXM display is RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) compliant.

Belden's 5e Twisted Pair Cables

Belden has added three new enhanced four pair, Cat-5e twisted pair cables to its DataTuff Industrial Ethernet Cables line. The new cables feature Belden's exclusive Bonded-Pair technology, which ensures superior electrical performance, both before and after installation. Belden calls this after-installation performance capability installable performance.

The new DataTuff cabling products include: a low smoke zero halogen, unshielded, enhanced Cat-5e ethernet/IP compliant cable featuring 24 AWG solid bare copper conductors with rip cord, polyolefin insulation, and a .030-inch industrial grade, sunlight-resistant, black low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) jacket.

Wolfvision's 1-CCD Vizualizers

WolfVision released a major upgrade to its high end 1-CCD visualizer models VZ-9, VZ-27plus and VZ-C12. The new visualizers feature 1-CCD camera with 1280 x 960 pixels at 30 frames per second. This is native SXGA resolution with an aspect ratio of 4:3. The camera also outputs native 720p HD (high definition) with 1280 x 720 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9. Using a display device with 1280 x 960 (or more) pixels, 820 lines resolution are visible on your screen. But even when the image is downscaled by the visualizer to XGA and output on an XGA display device the resolution is still around 740 lines. This is a much higher resolution than a native 1-CCD XGA camera can provide. The high-end scaler of the visualizers VZ-9plus, VZ-27plus and VZ-C12 can scale the picture at the image source.

Phoenix Gold's HDMX.900 CL3-rated HDMI cables

Phoenix Gold's HDMX.900 CL3-rated HDMI cables feature 1080i and 1080p specifications and are available in multiple lengths for added flexibility. Phoenix Gold now offers HDMi cable worthy of 1080p standards by meeting and surpassing these requirements with an affordable solution. The 900 series' three and five meter options are approved for 1080p standards, with a 7.5 meter 1080p option planned for early in 2007 as well as designs to offer a repeater that will pass 1080p standards up to 25 meters (82.2 ft). The repeater can be added to the nine and 15 meter HDMI cables to guarantee 1080p broadcast. Plans are also in the works to add a 20 meter (65.62 feet) and 25 meter cable packaged with the repeater, which will also be 1080p approved.

Hitachi's CP-X253 3LCD projector

Hitachi's CP-X253 3LCD projector is designed for the education market, weighing 3.9 pounds, with 2,000 lumens brightness and a wide-angle lens. The CP-X253 addresses a number of concerns for educators, including ease of use, security and performance. It features two RGB inputs and one RGB output, one audio output and a one-watt internal speaker.

The CP-X253 also features a built-in transition detector that prevents potential thieves from removing the projector from a ceiling mount without entering a PIN code. Additionally, the wide-angle lens enables short-throw capabilities, allowing closer setup of the projector to the screen. This eliminates the common problem of obstructing the image by walking in front of the projector. The CP-X253 is HDTV theater-ready and offers both blackboard and whiteboard modes. The lamp life is approximately 3,000 hours in whisper mode. Composite/S-Video inputs are included, as is a remote control and soft case.

L-Acoustics' SB15P Subwoofer

L-Acoustics' SB15P subwoofer is designed to serve as a companion low-frequency device for the company's new P Series (108P and 112P) self-powered coaxial loudspeakers. Featuring a front-loaded 15-inch transducer loaded in an optimized sized/tuned vented enclosure, the SB15P pairs the convenience of self-powered performance with the benefits of digital signal processing.

The system's 15-inch component features elevated power handling and excursion capability along with reduced distortion and thermal power compression. The compact dimensions (17.5 inches H x 20.5 inches W x 20.5 inches D) and low profile of the SB15P provide a high degree of flexibility for installations where space is at a premium. Typical applications include portable distributed sound reinforcement for theaters, concert halls, nightclubs, tradeshows, corporate AV, houses of worship, conference rooms, multimedia installs, and television studio environments.

Crestron's TPMC-8X Touchpanel

Crestron introduced its new Isys i/O TPMC-8X WiFi touchpanel, featuring an embedded Windows XP Operating System that provides secure onboard PC functionality including 802.11a/b/g wireless capabilities. TPMC-8X features high-speed performance in a sleek magnesium alloy casing. TPMC-8X offers a brilliant 8.4-inch SVGA screen, displaying 3D graphics and streaming video; and features built-in Bluetooth technology, Skype voice-over-IP, AuthenTec biometric scanner, stereo speaker system and microphone; and supports Yahoo! widgets and dyanamic navigation. Access data and run applications on other computers from the TPMC-8X via remote desktop, while onboard NetMeeting and Skype applications enable conferencing and voice-over-IP directly from the touchpanel.

The TPMC-8X also features native support for wireless streaming video from a variety of third-party web cameras and servers using the motion-JPEG format. Built-in stereo speakers, dual integrated microphones, and a stereo headphone output provide full audio functionality to complement the TPMC-8X's touchpanel, video, and computer capabilities.

Kramer's VM-2HDMI 1:2 Distribution Amplifier

Kramer Electronics' VM-2HDMI 1:2 distribution amplifier is designed for HDMI signals with the ability to store and recall EDID information. The VM-2HDMI is a compact and high quality one-input, two-output distribution amplifier for HDMI signals from tuners, set top boxes, DVD players and other HDMI equipped sources. The unit supports up to 1.65Gbps bandwidth to ensure compatibility with all HDTV standards including 1080p/60 signals. It will allow the connection of one HDMI source to two HDMI equipped display devices.

The VM-2HDMI features a default EDID setting for fast and efficient connection of the unit. With a default EDID setting, it is possible to turn on the distribution amplifier and source device without first connecting and powering on any of the displays. The VM-2HDMI can also store and recall an EDID setting from either connected display device. The VM-2HDMI is housed in a compact Kramer DigiTOOLS enclosure and is fed from an external 100-240 VAC universal switching power supply.

Da-lite's Video Conference Shelf

Da-Lite Screen Company has added the Video Conference Shelf (PW-VC) to its line of plasma mount accessories. The Video Conference Shelf can be added to the fixed or mobile plasma stands and the advance universal large flat panel wall mounts. Designed to accommodate videoconference cameras, the shelf is height adjustable and has mounting holes to secure a video conferencing camera up to 10 pounds. The shelf mounts under a locking bar on the plasma mount or security. The videoconference shelf also has a 180-degree tilt feature.

Christie's LX380 and LX450

Christie introduced two new models to its LCD projector lineup, the Christie LX380 and Christie LX450. The Christie LX380, featuring 3800 ANSI lumens, and the Christie LX450 featuring 4500 ANSI lumens provide bright, high-impact images with native XGA resolution and 1000:1 contrast ratio. In addition, the new, sleek compact cabinet design and innovative airflow system minimize noise level for quiet, low profile operation.

Fully compatible with a broad range of analog and digital inputs, including HDTV standards up to 1080i, the Christie LX380 and LX450 offer pixel perfect video reproduction for demanding video applications. They are designed with a 2000-hour lamp life and simple cleaning filter to provide cutting-edge display technology at an affordable cost of ownership.

TOA Electronics' 9000 Series Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers

TOA Electronics' Programming Software for the 9000 Series Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers is designed to provide fast and easy configuration of any 9000 Series unit from a Windows-based PC, the new software is available for download from

Offered as an alternative to programming the 9000 Series via front panel controls and display, the new software provides convenient access to all 9000 Series parameters including module selection, parametric equalizer setting, matrix routing and more. Users can configure units off-site and upload to the 9000 Series unit after installation. Data files can also be imported into Microsoft Excel for project documentation formatting and printing. The 9000 Series Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers redefine the conventional mixer/amplifier category by combining a modular matrix mixer, digital signal processor (DSP) and amplifiers in a compact, two-rack space package.

VBrick's WM Appliance

The new VBrick WM Appliance provides robust digital video to all enterprise locations--empowering organizations to expand communications with workers, partners, prospects, and customers worldwide. The VBrick WM Appliance offers live and on demand video in the ubiquitous Windows Media format to simplify user access to dynamic digital content.

New VBrick WM Appliance Reflector capabilities remove digital video access barriers by enabling organizations to stream, store, and replay digital video presentations and content regardless of location. Live delivery, combined with storing and "time-shifting" video files on VBrick WM Appliances, enable users across the globe to view and replay important corporate communications, product training, digital signage, and other valuable content during their traditional workdays. The new Reflector functionality enables a VBrick WM Appliance to broadcast one stream across a low-bandwidth Wide Area Network (WAN) link.

Harris' Intraplex NetXpress

Harris Corporation's Intraplex NetXpress IP network gateway device has been optimized for tactical surveillance in a sensor network. The NetXpress prototype demonstrates how ObjectVideo analytic software can be embedded in a network edge device to significantly improve sensor capabilities and network performance, and automatically produce actionable metadata from its analysis of a video.

ObjectVideo intelligent video analytics on the new PC board within the NetXpress prototype is used to detect, track, and classify objects within a video in real time. This rules-based video content analysis system can be set to recognize preprogrammed characteristics, such as a vehicle, person, or other object of interest, and automatically generate alert data and metadata in real time. This information, along with the encoded video stream, can be transmitted across a local- or wide-area network or stored locally.

Pulizzi Engineering's T982F3

Pulizzi Engineering's T982F3 Series rack mount power distribution unit is configured for 208 volt, 30 amp power input, designed for today's power hungry applications. Using a 208-volt input is recognized as a more efficient way to distribute power in a data center or in high-density electronic enclosures. When operating equipment at 208 volt versus 120 volt, it decreases current draw by up to 50-percent, allowing for greater equipment density. The PDU can power up to 12 devices with power output delivered via industry standard IEC 60320 type C13 receptacles. The front panel of the T982 has an ultra-bright two-digit current meter display that can be read from up to 20 feet away.

The T982F3 is part of a Pulizzi "Design Your Own" part number series. This innovative part numbering system allows the user to configure and purchase only the options they need. Configurable options include power cable length, power filtering and current metering. Power filtering protects sensitive electronics from damage caused by electrical noise.

Pioneer's PDP-507CMX And PDP-607CMX Plasmas

Pioneer Electronics is shipping its new high definition 50-inch PDP-507CMX and 60-inch PDP-607CMX commercial plasmas. The plasmas take advantage of Pioneer's new PureDrive Pro circuitry, available exclusively in the new professional displays, in addition to proprietary technologies to deliver brilliant, sharp imagery with improved panel efficiency. PureDrive Pro ensures the plasmas maintain the purest digital signal possible with minimal data loss for smooth, bright imagery that delivers the intended message to an audience.

Pioneer's Expansion Solutions technology greatly enhances functionality. Both the PDP-507CMX and PDP-607CMX possess dual expansion card slots allowing users to insert a variety of expansion cards to modify or enhance the displays' AV capabilities for customized display solutions. Expansion cards are available from Pioneer and third-party manufacturers.

Speco Technologies' Motorized Color Dome Camera

Speco Technologies' new high resolution, motorized color dome camera features a 4-9mm manual varifocal lens and 3X digital zoom. This weatherproof camera, featuring tamperproof construction, boasts 540 lines resolution with a remote controlled pan and tilt. The camera pans up to 93 degrees per second and includes sequential, auto, and random pan modes with adjustable speeds. Other features include RS-485 communication and 64 pre-set positions.

The pan, tilt, and digital zoom functions (for up to 99 units) can be controlled from Speco Technologies' RC-650 remote control or from many popular DVRs. The camera comes with a 12 Volt DC power supply and is ready for ceiling mounting.

Link is introducing the CVS LKSPKAL 12/3 U2A2, a new line of intelligent self-powered speaker cable that includes a 12/3 double shielded power cable, two AES individually jacketed and shielded pairs and two color coded UTP Ethernet lines, featuring Link's cross-spacer (Cat-6 style) construction. These cables are specifically designed for self-powered loudspeaker systems that incorporate Cat-5 control and/or signal connectivity.

JBL Professional utilizes numerous sets of Link's new CVS LKSPKAL 12/3 U2A2 cable in 75-foot lengths for its portable touring and install sound systems that are used for onsite customer evaluations, including Vertec DP Series and the new Venue Performance Series powered, network-compatible products.

NuVision's 1080p DLP Television

NuVision has begun production on its new 1080p DLP television. NuVision' new line of deep black LED DLP televisions will initially be available in the 52-inch model with larger screen models targeted for the near future.

The NuVision LED illumination system is based on the breakthrough PhlatLight LED-based light source, developed and manufactured by the U.S. company Luminus Devices. The NuVision version of this technology is designed with specialized electronics systems optimized to proprietary NuVision control and signal processing systems with the goal of creating the ultimate new reference standard in high-performance video reproduction. The PhlatLight light source is a semiconductor RGB LED chipset that produces superior color fidelity, more refined grey scale, and deeper black levels.

TFI's Cord-Lox Cable Fasteners

Toleeto Fasteners International has four different styles of Cord-Lox products. The Closed Loop model was the first design. The Open Loop Series is designed for cables with large connectors or plugs. The Rivet Series model is for those who rent sound, lighting, or video equipment. These straps come with variable pre-punched holes and a plastic snap rivet. Lastly, don't leave expensive cables lying on the floor where they can be stepped on or rolled over.

Pelco's Multiviewer

Pelco's Multiviewer is a multi-image generator that allows the viewing of up to 60 inputs on any single or multiple displays, and these images can be from different sources. For example, you can view VGA sources from a DVR or computer and you can view composite sources such as the monitor output of a matrix switch or directly from a camera.

With Pelco Multiviewers, a user can size and position windows anywhere across any single display, adjust aspect ratios to suit the image format, assign image labels and/or on-screen borders for easy identification. In addition, display layouts can be customized and saved to hot keys to meet the specific needs of individual operators. Used with single or multiple displays, Pelco Multiviewers are an energy efficient and space saving alternative to racks of monitors.

ADP's Blackfin processors

ADP's Blackfin processors embody a new breed of 16/32-bit embedded processor, ideally suited for products where a convergence of capabilities are necessary--multi-format audio, video, voice, and image processing; multi-mode baseband and packet processing; control processing; and real-time security. The Blackfin's unique combination of software flexibility and scalability has gained it widespread adoption in convergent applications.

PWS' Intermodulation Analysis System

Professional Wireless Systems' Intermodulation Analysis System (IAS) enables RF technicians to save valuable setup time by combining a database of wireless performance equipment from any manufacturer. In addition to custom frequency spacing parameters for each wireless system model, IAS includes comprehensive group and channel assignments for any given piece of equipment. The IAS program also eliminates the need to carry frequency reference charts for individual wireless system models.

Using previous software tools, large coordination's involving 30 or more frequencies often took hours to assemble and were difficult to modify on site. IAS provides fast calculating speed, support for multiple zones, the ability to add descriptive labels and categories and a large selection of pre-built models. Coordinations can be completed in as little as 10 minutes and are designed to be easily modified in the field.

SMART Technologies' SMART Board Software 9.5

SMART Technologies' SMART Board software 9.5 for Linux operating systems is a major upgrade to the Linux version of SMART Board software and the most feature-rich to date. This places SMART Board software for Linux, Mac, and Windows on a simultaneous development path, sharing new innovations and improvements across all platforms. This latest release will initially support three core distributions: Fedora Core 3, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (RHEL 4) and SUSE 10. SMART Board software for the Linux operating system has been available since 1999.

Developed in consultation with SMART's customers through extensive beta testing, this new version offers teachers and students features such as the gallery search option, powerful annotation tools, excellent writing performance, full drag-and-drop functionality, pre-loaded digital content, the freehand screen capture tool, the ability to attach and export files, and the spotlight tool.

Teliris' VirtuaLive HD Modular

Teliris is expanding its fourth generation suite of life-like videoconferencing systems with the addition of VirtuaLive HD Modular, the first and most cost-effective offering available on the market that is designed to easily fit within a company's existing conference rooms. While Teliris also continues to offer its VirtuaLive HD unified and customized suites, its modular solution requires a less design-intensive installation process that delivers Teliris' immersive virtual collaboration solution at a lower cost.

In addition to the standard Teliris technology platform, the new system features Teliris' new Hyperion displays, the first purpose-built telepresence displays. The Hyperion displays are 1080p and support Teliris' industry leading 60fps HD solutions. Hyperion incorporates a nearly seamless design so that people at multiple sites (up to six or more) appear to be sitting at the same table. Hyperion further enhances Teliris' unique Virtual Vectoring HD technology creating a more natural meeting experience.

Extreme CCTV's Installation Brackets

Extreme CCTV's Engineering department has created several new brackets to help dealers and integrators make their installations even faster and easier. Included are the EXMB.061 Pole-Top Bracket, EXMB.070 Pan-Tilt Adaptor Plate for the EX70 Explosion Protected series and the EXMB.011 T-Bar Adaptor for pan-tilt installation of dual UFLED infrared illuminators.

As well, several of Extreme's high performance integrated day-night cameras such as the EX30, EX38, EX80, EX82, and ZX55 now include a cable managed bracket, which is equally suitable for neat, clean installation to surface-mount conduit.

Southwire's greenSpec Wire Products

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can now rely on a single wiring resource to ensure compliance with the new Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive in the European Union. Southwire, North America's leading supplier of wire and cable products, provides a full range of greenSpec wire products to enable manufacturers to comply with the new restrictions. Most greenSpec products are in inventory and are available in standard delivery times. Southwire also will manufacture custom greenSpec products to meet OEM requirements. The words "greenSpec" will appear on all RoHS-compliant wiring products for easy verification by equipment manufacturers and their customers.

Wiremold/Legrand's RFB2 Series Floor Box

Wiremold/Legrand has introduced a new family of two-compartment recessed floor boxes that provide power and/or communications services in open spaces or directly to a workstation as a furniture feed box. The new RFB2 Series floor box can be installed in either concrete or wood floors, making it the first such box for commercial and residential applications

Like the larger RFB4 Series, RFB2 Series floor boxes feature FloorPort activation covers that incorporate TopGuard protection to keep water, dirt, and debris from entering the compartments. FloorPort covers are available in brushed aluminum, plated brass, and black finishes. The covers are the same as for RFB4 Series floor boxes for a consistent look when both boxes are used in the same area.

SpeakerCraft's AIM WIDE

SpeakerCraft has created its first ceiling speaker with an ultra-wide dispersion pattern. Created in the same footprint as its award winning AIM 8 series, the AIM WIDE models share the same woofers as the popular counterparts but the similarities end there.

Mounted directly above the woofer is a radically different mid/tweeter module. The dual one-inch tweeters and dual two-inch midrange drivers are set at a fixed 70-degree angle to each other. This geometry creates a dramatically dispersed sound field, which is extremely desirable in certain situations. The AIM WIDE series will consist of two models, the models Two and Three. The voicing will match the comparable models throughout the rest of the SpeakerCraft line, allowing dealers to mix and match the AIM WIDE series with other in-wall, in-ceiling, and cabinet models.

Listen's SoundCheck 7.0

Listen released SoundCheck version 7.0, a new version of the popular software-based audio test system for R&D applications and production line quality control. This new version offers many additional and improved features including multichannel analysis, a new sequence wizard to simplify test set-up for first-time users, an improved loose particle algorithm, an improved multitone stimulus, and new post-processing algorithms.

SoundCheck features an unlimited number of analog/digital I/O channels that can be used simultaneously, provided that there is enough input devices and computer memory. This enables testing of multichannel devices such as pro audio mixers, and allows fast production testing of surround sound electronics as all channels can be measured simultaneously.

SDA's EASE Focus Software

Software Design Ahnert GmbH (SDA) has released version 1.4 of EASE Focus, its freely available, publicly licensed program for configuring point systems and modeling their performance. Version 1.4 includes English, German, and Spanish translations of the software and help files, and updates to AutoSplay, the mapping displays and other important functions. SDA has simplified the point system configuration process and made it more intuitive in version 1.4. The EASE Focus Installer is available as a zipped download from

EASE Focus provides accurate predictions of point system performance using the same acoustic engine as EASE, the industry standard software for simulating and designing acoustical environments and sound systems. Point system cabinets can be defined as complex models that include multiple sources.

Klein Tools' Cordura Ballistic Nylon Tool Bag

A new 15-inch Cordura Ballistic Nylon Tool Bag, from Klein Tools, combines the versatility of the Klein Tool Tote with the practicality and security of a large, rugged zippered bag. It also provides greater capacity and convenient portability. The Klein Tools 15-inch tool bag is made from Cordura Ballistic nylon, a high-performance fabric resistant to abrasions, tears and scuffs. A molded bottom with durable impact modified polypropylene provides additional durability. The bag's large opening, with a reinforced steel frame, maintains its shape while loading and unloading.
With a heavy-duty nylon zipper closure and large leather zipper-pull for easy opening, the new 15-inch nylon tool bag has eight interior pockets and two exterior pockets to hold a wide assortment of tools and supplies.

Kanguru Solutions' Bio Slider II

Kanguru Solutions' Bio Slider II is a new USB 2.0 secure flash drive made complete with up-to-date biometric fingerprint technology. The Kanguru Bio Slider II has taken the hassle of passwords out of security and uses a biometric sensor to recognize a fingerprint. The drive offers a low maintenance approach to protecting and storing data. The built in fingerprint reader allows authorized users access to the encrypted data on the drive with the swipe of a finger.

The Kanguru Bio Slider II, although sophisticated in design and technology, is easy to use. To begin using the slider, simply insert the drive into an available USB port and slide or swipe a selected finger across the sensor square on the drive. As an added benefit, all saved fingerprints, as well as the security program itself are stored directly on the drive.

HaiVision's hai200 TASMAN

HaiVision Systems is now supporting the AmiNET124 platform. Specifically, the hai200 TASMAN is now validated as fully compatible and interoperable with Amino's AmiNET124 supporting H.264/MPEG-4 AVC.

The TASMAN/Amino interoperability, based on the support of MPEG transport stream encapsulation, is available as a simple firmware upgrade to all of HaiVision's installed TASMAN clients. HaiVision's TASMAN is extremely reliable, based on a carrier grade design proven throughout HaiVision's telecom and enterprise client base. The TASMAN's high performance design supports main profile MPEG-4 AVC with less than 200 ms of end-to-end latency. The Tasman Communicator supports a perfectly matched encoder and decoder within the same chassis for interactive communication. The Tasman Streamer supports the high performance encoding of both digital and analog video.

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