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Furman CN-15MP and CN-20MP Miniports

Furman CN-15MP and CN-20MP Miniports

Designed for components outside the equipment rack, the CN-15MP and CN-20MP miniports offer Furman’s SmartSequencing technology in compact form factors.

These units feature one pair of AC outlets with configurable delay on/off, while extreme voltage shutdown circuitry protects connected equipment against under/overvoltage conditions. The CN-15MP and CN-20MP also offer either 15 or 20 amp circuits. When connected to a Furman smart sequencer, equipment can be sequentially powered on/off across multiple zones with a simple button press or turn of a key.

Remote control/monitoring is available via the BlueBOLT cloud-based platform or third-party control systems when utilizing a BB-RS232 adaptor with the SmartSequencer. The CN-15MP and CN-20MP can also be integrated with legacy and non-Furman power sequencers.

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