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InfoComm Products 2007

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Extron's ISM 824 MultiSwitcher

Extron Electronics' ISM 824 MultiSwitcher is a modular matrix switcher that allows for simultaneous video/RGB scaling and wideband switching in a single, compact enclosure. It combines the signal routing capabilities of an eight input, eight output, wideband matrix switcher with the versatility of four customizable outputs. The Extron ISM 824 can be equipped with any of the available scaling or scan conversion output boards for initial project requirements, and then upgraded at any time in the future with additional boards as system needs evolve. The ISM 824 allows integrators to configure the output slots with any combination of optional signal processing boards. Seven output expansion boards are available for the ISM 824 with the same video processing technologies employed in Extron scalers, signal processors and scan converters.

MagicBox's Aavelin Messaging System

The Aavelin 1080P digital signage and video messaging system is designed for the high end of the digital signage market and supports resolutions of 1920 x 1080 in landscape and 1080 x 1920 in portrait mode. The Aavelin 1080P will support all of the current options available within the Aavelin product line, including weather display, database integration, RSS feeds and more.

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beyerdynamic's SIR System

The SIR infrared simultaneous interpretation system from beyerdynamic works as a companion to any conferencing or tour guide system in the beyerdynamic line, wirelessly transmitting multiple channels of audio for interpretation and assisted listening purposes. With a transmission output of 20 Watts, the SIR system is suitable for use in large rooms. It is comprised of four integrated components: the SIR 800 compact transmitter, the SIR 801 infrared radiator, the SIR 320 receiver and the SIR C 50 charging and transport case.

Peerless' SF650 Wall Mount

Peerless' universal flat wall mount SF650 for 32-inch to 50-inch screens is the latest addition to the SmartMount 600 Series. The new addition to the line makes it easy to access electrical outlets and manage cables with extra large wall plate openings. The mount holds the screen close to the wall, saving space and keeping the screen out of the way. It is easy to install with a hook-on design. The SF650 comes with Peerless' Sorted-For-You fastener pack that eliminates guesswork during installation by providing all the necessary screen attachment hardware.

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SoundTube's CM-EZ Loudspeakers

SoundTube's new line of CM-EZ loudspeakers are available in 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch sizes. Mounting material thicknesses ranging from 0.25-inches to 1.75-inches may be accommodated by SoundTube's fixed-wing constant-tension mounting system, which also provides for rapid installation. Sealed can enclosures extend loudspeaker frequency range while delivering high-quality sound. All units feature a pressure fit grille with a tap switch located under the grille for easy access to power settings; power settings include 25, 70.7, 100 Watt and 8 Ohm; UL 1480 and 2043 approvals are pending.

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Altinex's AV Portal

Altinex's AV Portal assists with designing standard and custom-sized plates for walls, racks, floors and tables from the planning stages to completion. Create, adjust and view designs before they are actually produced. AV Portal allows users numerous AV connectivity options, gang plate sizes, colors, instant quotes, samples and a swift turnaround.

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Fleetwood's Reply System

Fleetwood Group is adding a new group response system to its Reply product family. Together CRS7200 wireless handheld keypads and a CRS970 base station comprise a versatile two-way interactive voting system. The Reply consists of cordless electronic keypads and audience polling software. Reply systems are used in conferences and seminars, classrooms, focus group facilities, TV studios and special event venues to quickly survey and report the opinions and/or knowledge of participants.

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Crestron's TPMC-8T Tabletop Touchpanel

Crestron's Isys i/O TPMC-8T 8.4-inch tabletop touchpanel features an embedded Windows XP operating system that provides secure onboard PC functionality including 802.11a/b/g wireless capabilities. TPMC-8T is the new fixed tabletop version of the TPMC-8X WiFi touchpanel, providing a stationary mounting option with wired Ethernet connectivity. The fixed-tilt design features a 37-degree angle, which is for podium, table or counter surface installation in a variety of applications. The SMK-8T is an optional swivel mount accessory to permanently mount the TPMC-8T to a flat surface, while enabling a 330-degree rotation. Cables may be routed through the center of the swivel mechanism for a completely hidden solution.

Studer/Digigram's Ethersound Interface Card

Studer and EtherSound network developer Digigram have announced the joint development of an EtherSound interface card for Studer consoles. Designed to fit into the Studer D21m I/O system rack, initially for use with the Studer OnAir 3000 console but also compatible with Studer's flagship Vista series and routing systems, the card will allow 128 channels of audio to be connected to the D21m via a single Cat-5 connection. A second Cat-5 connection permits daisy chain or redundant ring topologies, the latter allowing for the network to remain uninterrupted should a cable be broken. Inputs and outputs can be patched internally within the console on the OnAir 3000's own I/O screens. Digigram's own control software can be used to route signals between different EtherSound-enabled devices over a standard Ethernet network.

Cayin Technology's SMP-PRO3

Cayin Technology's SMP-PRO3 is a division-type display engine for digital signage applications. SMP-PRO3 supports various combinations of multimedia presentations to satisfy a broad spectrum of applications' needs. Users can create a new skin that matches the brand image or the theme of the event in five minutes with Cayin's Skin Editor, an intuitive, simple drag-and-drop tool. SMP-PRO3 plays real-time video by connecting to a TV tuner, DVD player, camera, etc. With a large display, users can display live TV programs along with other advertisement banners on the same screen.

Middle Atlantic Products' VSA Series

Middle Atlantic Products' new VSA Series adjustable telescoping rackshelf features the highest weight capacity of any Middle Atlantic Products shelf and telescopes to provide full front-to-rear depth, allowing for installation without the need to remove components that have already been racked. With its ability to telescope to reach rear rackrail, the VSA adjustable telescoping rackshelf can be easily installed in any Middle Atlantic Products enclosure with only a single rackspace opening, eliminating the need to remove pre-installed components.

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Analog Way's Broad Scan HD Range

The Broad Scan HD (Models BHD930-AG and BHD930-DG) range by Analog Way is a broadcast and professional computer to video and high definition TV scan converter family. Fitted with digital DVI and analog RGB inputs, Broad Scan HD, Broad Scan DVI (models BSD830-AG/BSD830-DG), and Broad Scan convert workstation, PC or Mac graphic images up to 1600 x 1200 at 60Hz into NTSC/PAL video or HDTV formats.

The Broad Scan range features broadcast Genlocks. Genlocks inputs are fitted with a loop through output allowing chaining devices. The Broad Scan range outputs different signals at the same time in one selected output format. It also outputs luma key signals. Luma key is with the same format as the outputs and perfectly synchronized. In addition, Frame Lock outputs allow synchronizing external device frame rates such as some graphic cards.

RapcoHorizon's HDMI-X

RapcoHorizon's HDMI-X is designed for high definition multimedia in such applications as video wall systems, large LED sign boards, medical imaging equipment, home theater, and TV broadcast. Presenting markets with a turnkey product that is DDC line compliant and meets HDCP standards, the HDMI-X includes an HDMI transmitter and receiver, and an external 12 volt power supply adapter. It also contains a variety of HDMI equipment cables: four-strand 50/125 fiber cable, Cat-5e cable and HDMI cable, all of which can be terminated at the specific length required for a given installation. Additionally, HDMI-X allows easy transmission of uncompressed digital video and audio up to 100 meters and can also be applied to widescreen ultra extended graphics array format.

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MediaMatrix's NION Node

MediaMatrix's NION nX programmable digital audio processing node is designed for professional and commercial audio and communications applications. The internal processing core of the NION nX is based on three floating-point analog devices SHARC DSPs that drive the processing functionality. MediaMatrix's scalable I/O architecture, a modular I/O scheme, supports a variety of optional plug-in cards for maximum versatility. The NION nX has two module bays that support up to 16 simultaneous analog audio channels, while an integrated CobraNet port provides 64 channels for a total of 80 simultaneous configurable audio channels.

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Architectural Acoustics' Prolinx

Architectural Acoustics' Prolinx is a fully programmable DSP audio processing, routing, and control system. Expanding on the capabilities of the Digitool, Prolinx supports I/O matrix configurations from 12 x 12 to 96 x 36. The Prolinx DX is the heart of the expandable, programmable Prolinx processing system and a versatile new tool for managing audio systems. The DX model can operate as a self-contained system at 12 x 12 I/O, but users can increase the total number of inputs/outputs to 96 x 36 by connecting additional units. Built on 32-bit parallel SHARC processors, the Prolinx DX has a total of 1,320 MIPS allocated to input and output processing and an additional 400 MIPS of processing reserved for signal generation, frequency analysis, and general communications. Prolinx is fully configurable from the front panel using the high-resolution LCD display and controls.

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Sabine's Phantom Mic Riders

Sabine's Phantom Mic Riders is a phantom-powered DSP. Each Phantom contains the FBX Feedback Exterminator, the Sabine algorithm that increases gain before feedback; automatic gain control, which maintains gain as the user moves toward and away from the mic; proximity effect control, which reduces excess bass sound as the user gets closer to the mic and maintains flat frequency response at all distances from the mic; plosive control, which reduces the loud pops and bursts from certain consonant sounds in speech; and a gate, which mutes the mic when no one is in front of it, using the included infrared sensor.

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Furman's Elite i-Series

Furman's Elite i-Series power conditioners have an elegant new design that features smooth contours of black steel with clear blue LED lights. In addition to the technologies of the original Elite Series, such as linear filtering technology (LiFT) and non-sacrificial surge suppression, new 12-volt triggering adds remote control capabilities to the new conditioners for convenient operation.

AVStumpfl's Wings Platinum 3

The new Wings Platinum 3 from AVStumpfl comprises numerous new features. The redesigned user interface comes with a new keyframe editor and a in-screen editing tool. Timeline based audio, video, and show editing with full preview on the master and an unlimited number of cross-fade layers/PiPs with keyframe control of alpha, size, aspect ratio, position, 3-D rotation, and coloring offer the full range of possibilities for productions. Real-time rendering and live interactive layers with flying PiPs via DMX and MIDI remove the boundaries to interactivity in live shows.

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Panamax's MAX 7500-Pro

Key features of Panamax's MAX 7500-Pro include advanced filtration, ground isolation, remote diagnostics (IP-ready with optional Ethernet card), voltage regulation, balanced power meters, automatic voltage monitoring (AVM), additional high-current outlets, auto-dimming meters, protection for cable access television (CATV), telephone, and local area networks (LANs), as well as a 12-volt trigger, USB light, and rack ears.

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Soundcraft's Vi Series Consoles' CobraNet Card

Soundcraft has expanded the connectivity options for its Vi Series (Vi6, Vi4) of digital live sound consoles with the introduction of a CobraNet interface card. The CobraNet option card allows up to 32 channels of input or output signals (or a combination of both) to be received by or sent from the console onto a CobraNet network. By default, the card is configured for 32 outputs.

Chief's Security Mounts

Chief Manufacturing's new RPA and RPA Elite series projector security mounts are an advanced security solution for high risk installations. Chief's RPAA1 and RPMA1 security series of mounts are solutions that rely solely on key and lock security. Fasteners are concealed beneath a universal steel interface and are virtually inaccessible. These mounts are the choice for the education market and other public locations where security is important, with tamper-resistant security to safeguard AV investments.

Broadcast Pix's Slate Switcher

Broadcast Pix has added an optional DVI input/output board for its Slate switcher line. The modular Slate input/output architecture has three I/O boards, including: SD digital, analog, and later this year HD for 720p and 1080i. The new DVI board will add both a DVI input and a DVI output. It also includes adapters for VGA I/O. The new DVI or VGA output will enable Slate to feed a high-resolution signal directly to a projector. While Slate is often used with inputs from laptops via an S-video input, the new DVI or VGA input will enable a high-resolution input from a computer.

Listen Technologies' FM Product Line

Listen Technologies has introduced a full range of new FM products. This new line is designed to accommodate assistive listening and/or language interpretation for houses of worship, theaters, boardrooms, and meeting/training facilities. The products are also ideal for tour group communication for factories, museums, historic buildings, outdoor excursions and training facilities. This new line of products includes a stationary transmitter, a portable transmitter, and two display receivers.

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Crest Audio's CV-20 Console

Crest Audio's CV-20 live-sound mixing console is available in 24, 32, 40, 48, and 56 mono input configurations with four-band sweepable EQ and fully parametric mid-frequency control on each mono input. A feature set of 12 aux sends, eight subgroup assignments, and L/C/R panning to the left/right and mono busses provide a wealth of audio routing options. Standard on all CV-20 frames are eight stereo input channels consisting of four microphone-line channels and four dual-line channels with the same full assignment capabilities as the mono input channels, plus eight VCA masters, 12 aux masters, eight subgroups and separate left/right/mono controls that can be fader reversed to allow fader control of the aux masters.

Intelix's AVO-V3HD-F Balun

Intelix's AVO-V3HD-F is a commercial balun featuring BNC connectors for transmitting high-definition component video up to 500 feet over standard unshielded twisted pair cabling, such as Cat-5 or Cat-6. The AVO-V3HD-F features three BNC connectors for distributing component video (YPbPr) and does not require power. To use, simply connect an AVO-V3HD-F to the source device, connect a second AVO-V3HD-F to the destination device, and link the two baluns with standard unshielded twisted pair cabling. The AVO-V3HD-F is fully compatible with the Intelix DIN-RACK-KIT-F 19-inch rack mounting system.

DNF's GTP-32 GPI Tally Processor

The GTP-32 is a GPI and tally processor, router, distributor, and combiner. Use it to interface dissimilar equipment, to provide long- or short-distance GPI/GPO transport, as an alternative to running multiconductor cables, and to provide complex signal processing/conditioning, as well as GPI and tally routing. With its combinatorial logic option, users can create simple or complex rules that automatically turn GPOs on/off to control AV, staging, and presentation equipment. The GTP-32 lets users change rules on the fly, with no reboot or reset required.

Gepco's LSK04HD UTP Cable

Gepco's LSK04HD ultra-low skew UTP cable is designed for the transmission of component analog video in a twisted-pair format without hardware delay compensation, all within a heavy-duty construction. Based on the LSK04, each pair in the LSK04HD is constructed from 23-gauge solid copper and a precision 100-Ohm dielectric. For added strength and diameter, the LSK04HD has a unique double-jacket design. The inner jacket maintains the critical spacing of the twisted-pair elements, while the outer TPE jacket offers additional strength, durability, diameter, and abrasion resistance.

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Kaltman Creations' Cable Coilers

Kaltman Creations has introduced a new product line of cable coilers and a new cable management system. The first model in the series of Kaltman Cable Coilers is the KCC50-5 and is touted as the world's first handheld motorized cable coiler which will coil up to 50 feet of medium duty cable in less than five seconds. Once a cable is on the coiler spool, the coiled cable simply slides right off for storage.

Besides the ten-to-one speed advantage over hand coiling, the "perfect coil" also means no stress on the cable's internal conductors and no twisted tangles when uncoiling the cable for the next use. Originally designed for any environment where microphone, light-weight speaker, lighting control, and electrical power cables are used, the Kaltman Cable Coiler will also work for Cat-5, fiber optic, coax, and video cables as well as.

SP Controls' NRC Configuration Wizard

SP Controls' NRC Configuration Wizard for the PixiePro NRC-1142 networked room controller is a low-profile AV control system that functions as an independent controller for any display device. The configuration wizard, designed for web-based setup of the NRC-1142 as well as easy control of the room, is presented to the user in a series of easily understood instruction screens. It allows users to configure, control and monitor AV room equipment via the web, and it requires no programming skills.

Once configuration is complete, the NRC Configuration Wizard may be used for room control. It also lets users track projector bulb life, schedule automatic actions with start and stop dates/times, set up e-mail alerts for specific events, provide usage statistics on room equipment, and provide notification if security loops are broken.

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Mackenzie Labs' OPM-3SM

Mackenzie Labs' OPM-3SM is a multiple channel page stacker, feedback eliminator, and messaging system. The OPM-3SM is the latest addition to the overhead page management (OPM) line of equipment from Mackenzie. The OPM-3SM was specifically designed of the busiest overhead paging systems such as those found in airports, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and large retail establishments. The unit features three independent channels of page stacking. This means that three locations can be recording pages to the system at the same time.

WideBand Solutions' SimphoniX Si-400L

WideBand Solutions' SimphoniX Si-400L is a reduced feature set created to accommodate the growing trend of digital VoIP integration. Featuring all the benefits of the SimphoniX Si-400, minus the analog phone interface, it is compatible with hundreds of digital and VoIP telephones, easily turning them into high-quality conferencing systems. SimphoniX Si-400L is designed with hardware and speech algorithms that accommodate the full range of human hearing. It features acoustic echo cancellation (AEC); noise reduction; auto-mixing with voice activity detection (VAD); cross point automatic gain control (AGC); web management; and voice reinforcement.

MTS' ION Series

Media Technology Systems' ION Series of CobraNet mic/line interfaces are designed to install in standard electrical installation 'J-box' hardware. The ION 2.0 and 0.2 integrate an elegant dual XLR/RCA wall plate with a CobraNet/DSP interface and allow the use of any of a huge selection of styles and colors of trim plate such as Leviton and others. Available in a variety of configurations, the MTS ION 2.0 is a wall-mount two channel mic/line input interface with XLR and RCA connections, phantom power and -55dB, -25dB and 0dB sensitivity selection. The ION 0.2 is a J-box, in-wall mount, two-channel line output interface. The ION 4.4 is a half rack four mic/line input and four line output module.

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Polycom's SoundStructure

Polycom's SoundStructure series of installed voice products features 22 kHz stereo acoustic echo cancellation on all inputs, feedback elimination on all inputs, new noise cancellation technology on all inputs, and a gain-sharing automixer that ensures smoother transitions and robust performance in a variety of operating environments. The system offers tight integration with Polycom's HDX line of high definition video conferencing products. A new OBAM audio matrix allows the SoundStructure line to scale seamlessly from 8 x 8 to 128 x 128, with all inputs available to all outputs. Advanced labeling and grouping capabilities make setup and configuration easy for all sizes of installations.

Neutrik's EtherCon Series

Neutrik's EtherCon series for Cat-6 connectors offers a rugged patch cable solution which includes a metal housing for RJ45 cable connectors that protect the connector against mechanical load. It is equipped with Neutrik's chuck-type strain relief with a separate push-pull locking mechanism, to avoid accidental unplugging. The cable solution is available in custom lengths and the receptacle will accept a standard RJ45 cable end in addition to the EtherCon patch cable.

The EtherCon system was developed to meet the rising requirements of data volume, transfer rate and bandwidth. It is suitable for Ethernet applications, especially in harsh, demanding environments, such as live stage production, DMX lighting, outdoor internet access, and industrial Ethernet.

Bretford's Flat Panel Digital Kiosks

Bretford's flat panel digital kiosks are designed to provide secure network data access or general information to people in virtually any public location. The flat panel digital kiosks feature a keyboard tray that folds up and out of the way when not in use for safety and space-savings. Both of the kiosks allow easy access to data by attaching directly to the wall at walk-up height but can also be mounted lower on the wall for wheelchair access. Additionally, the monitor and keyboard tray both mount independently on the track, which allows users to easily adjust the monitor and keyboard for comfort and ease of use. The FPDK01 includes a 31.5-inch aluminum alloy wall track, while the FPDT02 includes two 31.5-inch wall tracks, one to support the CPU holder. Both kiosks include mounts that are VESA 75mm and 100mm compatible for use with essentially any 15-19-inch flat panel monitor.

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Renkus-Heinz's Iconyx Array Modules

The Renkus-Heinz self-powered IC7 and externally powered ICX7 Iconyx array modules are passive linear arrays with fixed beams that can be steered mechanically. The new additions to the Iconyx line will supplement Iconyx digitally controlled array systems in venues needing side and front fill coverage. The IC7 is self-powered and the ICX7 is designed for use with an external amplifier. Both feature seven high performance four-inch coaxial transducers in an architecturally transparent enclosure that is just 44 3/8 inches tall, 5 11/16 inches wide, and 4 3/8 inches deep. The self-powered IC7 incorporates a purpose-designed PF series intelligent digital amplifier. A switching power supply and integrated speaker specific processing make the PF series for use inside a loudspeaker cabinet: it is light in weight and 93 percent efficient, eliminating the need for a cooling fan.

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Aviom's 6416dio Digital I/O Module

Aviom's 6416dio digital I/O module provides sixteen channels of digital inputs and outputs to and from a Pro64 A-Net audio network in a single 2U package, using the AES3 format. With clock performance, the 6416dio meets the needs of digital console and workstation users in a range of applications for broadcast on remotes and locations, film sets and church campuses. The input and output sections of the 6416dio module can be independently configured to operate within a specified 16-channel A-Net slot range for maximum versatility. Input and output port assignments for manual mode are also independently configurable. Each channel of a 6416dio can be made active on the Pro64 audio network as needed.

Stantron's Presentation Rack

The Stantron Presentation Rack is a durable mobile rack for presentation needs in classrooms, conference rooms and board rooms. Available in two models, the overall design incorporates the product strengths and benefits associated with Stantron products along with new features that reflect direct input from customers. Both models are fully customizable to fit the requirements of integrators and end users, and simplify equipment re-configuration and routine system care through front- and rear-door access. The Stantron Presentation Rack includes vertical lacing bars for efficient cable management and perforated front/rear panels to ensure proper ventilation among other features.

Auralex's SpaceArray Diffusor

Auralex Acoustics' SpaceArray Diffusor has recently passed the requirements of a Class B fire-rating. Auralex's SpaceArray has successfully passed testing in accordance with ASTM E84, a standard test for surface burning characteristics of building materials. The test calculates both flame spread and smoke densities. Additionally, the SpaceArray has recently passed acoustical testing in accordance with ISO 17497-1, a standard test method for sound scattering and sound scattering coefficients. The SpaceArray combines excellent hemispherical acoustical diffusion with a top quality wood finish. Based on a quasi-random series that provides performance without visual patterning, the SpaceArray is for control rooms, auditoriums, performance venues, listening rooms, home theaters, and worship spaces.

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TV One's 1T-C2-400 HD/PC Scaler

TV One's 1T-C2-400 HD/PC scaler cross converts between virtually any PC resolution up to 2048 x 2048 and any HDTV resolution up to 1080p on both the input and output. The 1T-C2400 features a single RGB/YPbPr input and a single RGB/YPbPr output. It is controlled by the front panel push buttons, an infrared remote control unit, or an RS-232 connection. A Windows control panel is provided and most third party control systems interface directly with the entire C2 range of products. An on-screen display is available to assist in setup. It is housed in a compact desktop case and a single/dual rackmount kit is available as an option.

RCI's Panel Builder Program

RCI is extending the limited time return to the Panel Builder "3 Days or Free" program for custom plates and panels ordered utilizing the popular online design and quote tool. PanelBuilder drawings and parts lists may be printed for submittal purposes, and saved on the user's computer for future use. The quote is created and viewable in real time, and quantity discounts are calculated as needed. Order may be submitted at the time of design, or any later date.

Wireworks' AV2000 MultiMedia Cabling

Wireworks' AV2000 MultiMedia Cabling connects multi-media systems through one plug in, offering a practical solution for both the installer and end-user. The AV2000 MultiMedia Cabling combines audio, video, and data control signals through a hybrid connector that replaces multiple fragile tails and connectors. AV2000 allows each system to match specific equipment requirements. AV2000 MultiMedia Cabling features rugged metal housing that incorporates a superior strain relief. High-quality materials are used throughout to prevent signal degeneration. Cables are safely enclosed in a nylon mesh jacket to prevent damage and tangling. 16 gauge contacts, used for audio, data, and control signals, are precision-formed brass pin and socket contacts with a proprietary gold plating.

EZ Dupe's Behemoth Rack Mount

EZ Dupe's 36 target rack mount system is packed with features like daisy chain technology providing seamless duplication, a premium 250GB hard drive, and USB 2.0. Standing almost four feet in height and weighing in at three hundred pounds, the new system provides traveling stability and ease of use both from a technical standpoint and move ability with an array of heavy duty casters and floor levelers.