New Products : May 2009

New Products : May 2009


  • Extron Electronics' ISM MTP UT 4DA is a universal transmitter that accepts any input signal from the ISM 824 and then transmits video, audio, and control signals up to 600 feet (185 meters) on a single UTP cable to up to four MTP Series twisted pair receivers. The ISM MTP UT 4DA also features local RS-232 insertion ports, which eliminate the need for additional control system infrastructure to support remote displays, while overcoming the 100-foot distance limitation for RS-232 signals. It combines the powerful signal routing capabilities of an eight input, eight output, wideband matrix switcher with the versatility of four customizable outputs.

Yamaha M7CLv2 Software

Yamaha has announced a major software upgrade to its successful M7CL-32- and 48-channel digital mixing consoles. The Yamaha M7CLv2 software incorporates features requested by thousands of Yamaha console users worldwide including Global Paste, enabling simultaneous editing of multiple scenes, and Matrix Sends on Fader, providing access to 24 mix busses. Additional enhancements include Post-Fader Inserts on all inputs and outputs, Post-Fader Direct Outs, Monitor/Cue Level on stereo/mono faders, improved Recall Safe mode, and Relative Level Channel Link and User Defined Key Setup on the console's offline editing software.

Barco NSL-4601
Barco's NSL-4601 is a professional grade, narrow-bezel 46-inch LCD display with WXGA resolution. The NSL-4601 has been designed for tiled video wall applications in small to medium-sized control rooms and is an ideal collaborative visualization solution for emergency operations centers, traffic and surveillance centers, and utilities and process control rooms.

Peavey Euro Loudspeaker Enclosures
Peavey's Euro Series loudspeaker enclosures mark the debut of an exclusive Peavey-engineered loudspeaker that utilizes a dual voice coil and neodymium magnet design. The two-way, full-range Euro 115 and Euro 112 enclosures utilize this new loudspeaker—in 15- and 12-inch formats, respectively—in conjunction with the Peavey RX22 titanium compression driver. Patented asymmetrical Quadratic Throat Waveguide technology eliminates distortions commonly caused by drivers pushing high sound pressure levels to deliver pristine, precise sound reproduction.

Crestron CEN-NVS100

Crestron's CEN-NVS100 is an MJPG encoder that converts high-resolution video to streaming media, allowing easy monitoring of door entry cameras, nursery cameras, or any other video feed. The CEN-NVS100 accepts full motion video up to D1 resolution and encodes the signals as either MJPG or MPEG4. It works with touchpanels that feature the Crestron MJPEG Viewer application, such as the TPMC-8L, TMPC-8X, and TPMC-4XG. Simultaneous dual video streams are supported by the CEN-NVS100, and options include text and time stamp overlay, as well as privacy masking that allows any segment of the video image to be obscured.

Xantech IPRS232 XtraLink

Xantech's IPRS232 XtraLink IPTM IP-to-serial remote controller offers a fully-functional, stand-alone IPto- serial remote access controller (including a built-in web server) for delivering scalable LAN-based control for serial devices. The unit allows RS232, 422, or 485 serial commands to be sent and received over an existing IP-based network— wired or wireless—to a specific destination IP address, offering new and improved opportunities both for retrofitting existing buildings where additional cable runs may be difficult or impossible, and also for extensive applications in new installations.

HME's CL200 Call Light Actuator, a complement to the WS200 Wireless Speaker Station, provided added functionality. The CL200 Call Light Actuator can be used to send and receive "call" signals from any two-wire intercom or directly from the CL200's "call" button. Trigger the audio and/or "call" light on the WS200 to alert your crew to action.

AMD VIDi HD Streamer
Advanced Media Design (AMD), developer of MediaPOINTE, has introduced its VIDi HD digital network streamer. MediaPOINTE's VIDi products are a part of Media- POINTE's new modular, scalable end-to-end video capture, streaming and distribution solution. MediaPOINTE products are designed for those who wish to share information at any time, without fuss or long preparation. VIDi HD streams live presentations, training sessions, meetings, distance learning courses, digital signage, and videoconferences in high definition, 1080p resolution in MPEG-4 format.

Extron DVI 201xi Tx

Extron Electronics' DVI 201xi Tx enables DVI or HDMI signals to be carried over significant distances. It works together with an Extron DVI 201 or DVI 201 A D twisted pair receiver and two Cat-5 cables to send single link DVI or HDMI signals over 200 feet for HDTV and XGA (1024x768). The DVI 201xi Tx offers several features to optimize system integration for DVI signal transmission, including EDID Minder which automatically manages EDID communication between the input source and the display, and automatic input equalization which allows for the use of long DVI input cables by compensating for signal loss.

Furman P-1400

Furman's P-1400 AR E rack-mount voltage regulator/power conditioner provides stable voltage protection and line noise filtration for any AV installation where reliable and comprehensive protection is needed. The P-1400 AR E accepts input voltages between 188V-270V and converts to a steady, stable output, user selectable to 230V or 240V. The P-1400 AR E's True RMS Voltage Regulation technology is driven by an ultra-low-noise, microprocessor- controlled, eight-tap toroidal autoformer that is engineered for use in any AV environment.

QSC K Series

QSC's K Series loudspeakers feature the same 1,000-watt Class D amplifier module powers all four models—whether the K8, K10, K12—or KSub (dual 12-inch subwoofer). Several proprietary QSC DSP technologies are incorporated into the K Series, such as the Digital Extension and Excursion Processing (DEEP). DEEP allows each of the K Series models to deliver levels of low-frequency extension. Additionally, Intrinsic Correction utilizes dozens of spatially- averaged measurements, mapped to the processor to deliver smooth and accurate reproduction across the entire sound field.

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