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Atlona Releases 4K HDMI Emulator and Tester

Atlona Releases 4K HDMI Emulator and Tester

Offering AV integrators the industry's first 4K-capable device for testing and resolving HDMI signal pass problems between sources and displays in the field, Atlona introduced the AT-UHD-SYNC, a palm-sized, USB-powered 4K HDMI Emulator and Tester.

Atlona 4K HDMI Emulator and Tester

The UHD-SYNC can also regenerate the signal from an HDMI 1.2 source, typically a cable set-top box, enabling it to be used with components and

  • displays equipped with newer HDMI 1.3 or 1.4 technology, including Ultra HDTVs. According to the company, it is only device on the market to provide this adaptive technology for UHD displays.
  • "The UHD-SYNC can be used both to identify and eliminate the signal interoperability problems that commonly pop-up between cable boxes and new TVs, AV receivers and other components," said Steve Heintz, senior product manager for Atlona. "There are quite literally millions of cable boxes out there equipped with HDMI 1.2 that simply aren't going to sync with new HDTVs, UHDTVs, or HDMI matrix switchers. In those situations, you can put the UHD-SYNC inline between the source and TV, receiver, or switcher, and that's your solution. In other situations, the UHD-SYNC is going to tell the installer that all that's needed is to replace a cable."
  • Equipped with LEDs to indicate the presence and state of 5V, hot plug, and HDCP signals, the new UHD-SYNC also has a built-in EDID emulator to ensure the source delivers a suitable signal to the display, even in cases where cable damage or lengthy connections interfere with EDID signals from the display. The emulator provides nine preset modes as well as a learning mode in the event the customer's display does not conform to one of the presets.
  • The UHD-SYNC measures less than three inches in width and depth, and less than one inch tall. The USB port allows the device to be powered by another component without an additional power supply or outlet.
  • "Speaking practically, I'd suggest that every tech always have at least two of these in the truck," said Heintz. "One for testing, because it's going to save a lot time and frustration, and another in case it needs to be left behind so the customer can watch the playoff game on his new 70-inch HDTV."
  • The UHD-SYNC carries a manufacturer's suggest retail price of $229.99 and will be available August 1.
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