AQAV Partnership Pays Dividends for Kramer Electronics

  • CLINTON, NJ – In November 2013, Kramer Electronics announced their newly minted educational partnership with the Association for Quality in Audio Visual Technology (AQAV), becoming the first educational partner in this program.
  • AQAV upholds their motto, “Saving the AV industry … one system at a time,” by offering courses designed to help personnel at pro AV dealer/integrators, and technology managers who purchase and use AV equipment to improve the quality of every step in the installation and commissioning process.

Since the establishment of the partnership, Kramer Electronics has held five successful AQAV trainings with many individuals completing the workshop and earning their AQAV certifications. The trainings, which have taken place at the Kramer Electronics US headquarters in Clinton, NJ and at Newcomb & Boyd, a consulting company in Atlanta, GA, have all been met with great turnouts and enthusiasm.

Those who have successfully earned their AQAV certifications continue to see their work pay off in their projects. Both end users and pro AV integrators are able to attest to the benefits of AQAV. End user, Elaine Manfredonia, vice president of JPMorgan explained, “Being AV9000 compliant is a major plus for providers that want to work for us. It eliminates untold costs and aggravation that the client won’t and the integrator shouldn’t accept. No question the business is trending this way.”

Pro AV integrators, such as Jeremy Elsesser of Level 3 Audio Visual in Mesa, AZ, are also aware of the advantages of being AQAV certified. Jeremy stated, “Since Level 3 Audio Visual started down the path of AV9000 and began implementing the systems into our daily workflows, we have seen a large increase in team collaboration along with a significant reduction of time spent in the field. Culturally, AV9000 has provided a mechanism to get everyone on the same page and pursuing the highest quality of work we can provide.”

In addition, higher education markets are also reveling in the AQAV benefits. Dan Doolen, chief instructional media systems engineer at the University of Illinois, explains how his team has embraced the AQAV standards, “We’ve built AV9000 into our campus facility standards and follow it on all our installations. It has everyone working from the same page and explains the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how.’ It’s turned into a friendly competition between the installation team and the commissioning team.”

Kramer Electronics plans to build on the momentum of these first workshops, with three more upcoming AQAV trainings: two in Las Vegas, NV on June 14-16, and one in Dallas, TX on July 29-31.

Examples of companies who are embracing the AQAV standards are Level 3 Audio Visual, Illinois State University, The University of Illinois, Sensory Technologies, Vistacom Audio Video Solutions, Comprehensive Technical Group, Newcomb Boyd, Technical Innovations, and Whitlock.

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