APG Rentals Features 2.9MM Hyperpixel LED Videowall

APG Rentals Features 2.9MM Hyperpixel LED Videowall
  • This past June, one of Canada’s most prominent broadcasting companies worked again with APG Rentals to install a display solution that would captivate the audience. With just days to build the display, and one evening to disassemble it, APG Rentals installed a 525-tile 2.9mm HyperPixel LED videowall that ‘wowed’ the crowd.

“We are proud to have just built one of the biggest one-day rental projects in our company’s history, with involvement every step of the way,” APG Rentals President David Weatherhead said. “Working with our client, a large team of contractors, and three of our lead LED technicians, we built a 525-tile HyperPixel LED display in a matter of a few days. Over 14.8 million pixels were active! Both the display solution and the integration process was efficient and impactful, exceeding the client’s expectations.��

The large main wall was flanked by eight banners and was flown above the stage by a team of contracting professionals as overseen by APG Rentals’ lead engineers. After two days of building, and one day of content configuration, the videowalls were ready for the event.

“The turnaround time on an LED build of this magnitude was very fast and efficient,” said APG Rentals Key Account Executive Tim Hatch.

The HyperPixel 2.9mm LED display is visibly cable-less; all tiles “click” into each other and lock in. This feature not only looks clean, but it also reduces installation time – which is ideal with such a significant time constraint.

“The HyperPixel LED displays are ‘rental-ready,’” Hatch explained. “With the cables built into the tiles, instead of visible behind the tiles, set-up is fast, efficient and clean. This feature significantly impacted how quickly we could build the videowall for the event.”

Additionally, the HyperPixel LED display’s visual features met many of the goals that the client set to accomplish.

“There are no bezels, which creates one crisp, seamless image, making it easy to view,” Weatherhead continued. “Additionally, the HyperPixel LED display guarantees high brightness and a wide viewing angle for the audience. Our client was also filming the presentation, which required that the display have a fine enough pixel pitch to translate on camera. HyperPixel checked off all of these boxes.”

APG Rentals recently introduced the HyperPixel 2.9mm LED display for its rental customers. The new fine pixel pitch display features high resolution images, industry-leading service design, and ultra-tight seams to create the ultimate visual experience. The new premium 2.9mm LED rental solution is one of the fastest installation systems available, saving critical time on-site.

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