AOPEN Datawall Offers Plug and Play Solutions

AOPEN Datawall Offers Plug and Play Solutions

The What: Huge videowalls and public displays can now be set up quickly and easily with AOPEN's new Datawall product line, combining powerful hardware with user-friendly, pre-installed software. The plug-and-play solutions feature a combination of tested and certified software on AOPEN hardware, provided by AOPEN and its partners.

The What Else: The Datawall product line is the latest addition to AOPEN's portfolio of plug and play solutions. It offers a multi-display production and presentation system ideal for the entertainment industry or visitor attraction displays. Unlike normal videowall solutions, the Datawall system can also be used for architectural projection and creative display setups. Additionally it can be integrated with existing staging equipment such as DMX lighting and MIDI.

A key advantage is that the Datawall product packages are endlessly expandable and manageable via networked AOPEN Digital Engine computing devices. Combined with the Digital Engine DE6140, the player can support up to four displays from a single device. There is a solution that fits every need from player to workstation, server and cluster. All are designed for 24/7 use in robust environments.

In a typical Datawall rig, there's an AOPEN Digital Engine DE7200 computer running WATCHOUT production software connected to an unlimited number of DE6140 display computers, all on a standard TCP network. Each DE6140 display computer can drive up to four display media devices, such as LCD screens, projectors or LEDs, depending on hardware capabilities, and each computer in the rig comes with the WATCHOUT license key pre-installed.

The Bottom Line: The Datawall product packages are designed to benefit the AV integrator and staging specialist by providing a fully tested, certified and pre-installed system. Like all plug and play solutions provided by AOPEN, they are meant to make life easier by eliminating installation processes and saving precious time.

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