Altinex Launches RT300 Series Retractable Cable

Altinex Launches RT300 Series Retractable Cable

Altinex has launched the RT300 Series Retractable Cable system which is comprised of four models—the RT300-121, RT300-125, RT300-145, and RT300-155. The new RT300 Series cable retractors were designed to eliminate cable clutter in meeting spaces, lecture halls, presentation spaces, and similar environments. All four models integrate with the popular Altinex CNK200 and CNK221 Cable Nook interconnect boxes.

Using the new Altinex RT300 Series Retractable Cable systems couldn’t be easier. When it’s time to make an HDMI or VGA video connection, RJ-45 connection, or a USB peripheral / charging connection, simply pull the cable up and out, and connect it to your device. When finished, disconnect the cable and it safely retracts back into the Cable Nook housing. The process is clean, easy, and remarkably functional.

All four RT300 Series models feature a rugged, compact form factor designed to provide years of reliable service. Each model measures just 4.8 x 4.8 x 1.4 inches (height, width, depth). With their advanced ball bearing mechanism, the cable pulls out and retracts with ultra-smooth precision

The Altinex RT300-121 VGA (M-M) Retractable Cable system makes it easy for one to connect a laptop PC's VGA port into a presentation system. Similarly, the RT300-125 HDMI (M-M) Retractable Cable system makes it a snap to use give a presentation using an HDMI connection. For network access or similar applications, the RT300-145 RJ-45 (M-M) Retractable Cable system makes an excellent choice while the RT300-155 USB (F-M TYPE A) Retractable Cable system makes USB charging quick and effortless.

Grant Cossey, Altinex vice president of sales, commented on the company’s new RT300 Series Retractable Cable systems, “Our new RT300 Series products are in direct response to requests from numerous AV system designers and integrators. These four models cover a vast assortment of equipment commonly deployed in the contemporary meeting space. Now, taking advantage of the room’s various resources is as easy as popping the cover on the Cable Nook interconnect unit, grabbing the cable of choice, lifting it up and out and making the connection to the laptop. When the meeting is over, the cable retracts out of sight. No more cable clutter—just a clean and highly efficient means of making the necessary connections.”

MSRP pricing and availability of the Altinex RT300 Series Retractable Cable systems is as follows:

•RT300-155:$149. Available late April 2015.

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