Allen & Heath Adds Four New Models to dLive Lineup -

Allen & Heath Adds Four New Models to dLive Lineup

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dLive Waves3 gigaACE card from Allen & Heath Allen & Heath has introduced several key additions to its flagship dLive digital mixing system, with the launch of the IP6 and IP8 fully-configurable and networkable remote controllers, and the Waves V3 and gigaACE audio networking cards.

The IP6 and IP8 are next-generation remote controllers for dLive, designed to widen the system’s flexibility in installations and live sound. They interface with the dLive mixing system via standard TCP/IP connections and can be networked with other controllers, computers and third party devices using a standard ethernet infrastructure. The IP6 provides six “push n turn” rotary encoders and color LCD displays, 19 programmable soft keys, and mic stand mounting options. The IP8 provides eight motorized faders and color LCD displays, and 23 programmable soft keys. Both can be configured with up to six layers for access to a large number of channels. They support PoE /PoE+ respectively, which gives installers and users the convenience of a single Cat-5 cable for control and power.

“The IP controllers bring even more diverse control options to the dLive family, and are ideal for applications such as personal monitoring, or in installations requiring limited control for day-to-day operators,” said Allen & Heath product manager, Nicola Beretta. “These flexible little units can operate as a standalone controller in conjunction with a dLive MixRack, and work well alongside the dLive Director software.”

The Waves V3 audio networking card takes full advantage of the dLive I/O Port architecture, providing a 128x128 channel, 48/96kHz interface to the Waves SoundGrid platform. Alongside plugin processing and audio distribution, it offers a convenient way of recording 128 tracks of 96kHz audio to a Windows or Mac computer, over a single Category cable.

The gigaACE card provides a 128x128 channel 96kHz point-to-point redundant link to another dLive mixing system. With no PC required, it is a plug-and-play solution for digital split applications, that is also cost-effective and has ultra-low latency.

“With the introduction of these new networkable control options, I believe dLive is positioned firmly at the cutting edge of digital mixing technology,” said Allen & Heath’s R&D director, Rob Clark. “The team put great effort into supporting our rapidly growing community of dLive users.”


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