New Products : January 2010 -

New Products : January 2010

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The Black Box AC1131A wireless video presentation system II gives users an easy and inexpensive way to make any VGA projector wireless. It enables multiple PC or Mac laptop users — or even mobile PDA users — to stream video and audio from right where they sit, eliminating the need for users to plug and unplug cables at the projector when they want to switch presenters. Because it communicates with handheld devices running Windows Mobile, presenters no longer need to lug a laptop along to a meeting to participate. The Wireless VPS II supports distances up to 300 feet, so it’s ideal for large conferences and lecture halls.


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Crestron’s MPC-M5 fits onto a standard two-gang electrical box with space to accommodate all wiring and connections. Seamless integration with Crestron RoomView software via Ethernet enables IT/AV managers to remotely monitor, manage, and control every room on the network, and SSL encryption provides a totally secure network connection at all times, preventing unauthorized access to the system. A fully programmable user interface, the MPC-M5 is available in black or white, and features a layout of 10 pushbuttons with corresponding LED feedback, customizable backlit labeling, and wireless remote capability.


Tatung Company of America will be releasing two new digital signage bundles that eliminate expensive content fees by providing a user-friendly content creation software application for the end-user. Depending on the type of options you are seeking, the end-user has the choice of either buying the Independent or the Enterprise bundle. Each bundle comes with a 42-inch monitor, media player, and end-user content creation software. The Independent and Enterprise bundles both come with full hardware and software support. Content software provides the latest in digital signage technology without pricey content development. Users will no longer have to pay for creation of content — they will be able to create it themselves.


Chief Manufacturing is excited to announce new FUSION Series Pull-Out mounts that ideal for video walls, digital signage, and single-screen recessed applications. Inspired by installer feedback, the new FUSION Series Pull-Out mounts extend 7 inches for easy cable access and servicing in hard-to-reach installations — even on the centermost screen of a video wall matrix. Fine-tuning of plumb adjustment also ensures that the screens are perfectly vertical, even if the wall is not. These comprehensive mounting solutions include a variety of features to make installation and maintenance of multi-screen configurations a breeze.


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NEC Display Solutions’ NP610 entry-level installation projector is designed specifically for those users who require image quality with advanced capabilities in a powerful package. The NP610 is geared particularly towards those users at the university level, as well as corporate environments, for areas such as training rooms, lecture halls and conference rooms. With a brightness of 3500 lumens, the NP610 creates brilliant images in higher ambient lighting conditions. With full connectivity, integration into classrooms is a breeze.


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Hall Research has released the URA-SKU, a compact PC video and audio on twisted-pair receiver that features built-in RGB skew correction. The device uses 5-stage active equalization and 62 nanoseconds of skew adjustment for any UTP cable. It can reproduce the original audio and video in real time and with perfect clarity at a distance of up to 1000 feet. The URA-SKU supports video resolutions to 1920x1200 at any refresh rate. Digitally controlled adjustments eliminate the need to tweak pots or set dip-switches.


StrandVision is offering a complete digital signage hardware package to give its customers a single source for turnkey digital signage solutions. The hardware package is available in combination with a StrandVision Digital Signage subscription. It is preconfigured and registered to the user’s subscription by StrandVision engineers so that users can simply connect the system through their high-speed internet connection to immediately display their StrandVision Digital Signage. The system includes a computer with a dual-Core processor, a Microsoft Windows operating system and a 28-inch monitor.


QVS has introduced the VAS-E Ultimate AV Single Cat-5e Extender Kit that provides PC VGA, stereo audio, RS232, bi-directional IR, and digital S/PDIF audio using a single Cat-5e RJ45 cable. It supports VGA resolutions up to 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz up to 330 meters. Breakthrough design allows for all normal AV set up such as HDTV, projector, PC, and VGA movie camera to be extended using a single Cat-5e cable. Kit includes transmitter, receiver, and power adaptors.


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Atlona Technologies’ DP200 DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter features USB power and built-in DVI pigtail. Complete with USB power and a built in DVI Pigtail, the new AT-DP200 will be available at an even lower price.


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Kramer Electronics’ VS-211HDxl 2x1 automatic standby switcher is designed for SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G HD-SDI signals. When configured as a standby switcher, the unit switches automatically to the secondary input when the signal on the primary input is lost. The unit automatically switches back to the primary input when the primary signal is restored. The VS-211HDxl has two inputs and two outputs and it is compatible with SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G HD-SDI signals with or without embedded audio.


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In its continued efforts to streamline the content creation workflow, X2O Media has added a new feature to the Xpresenter platform that allows users to leverage Microsoft SharePoint content for their digital signage displays. Using X2O Media’s professionally designed smart templates, SharePoint content can now be quickly and easily displayed as broadcast-quality graphics without the need to duplicate the content creation effort, saving companies both time and resources. A link to SharePoint in the Xpresenter platform allows the program’s content to be used as source material for digital signage screens.


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New Products : April 2010

TRIBUTARIES SERIES 1 HDMI CABLES Tributaries’ Series 1 HDMI cables offer installers a HDMI 1.3b Category 2 certification and a classified high speed. The Series 1 cables are constructed with triple shielding. Ea

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New Products – January 2010

Extron TLP 350CV Extron TouchLink announces the immediate availability of the TLP 350CV TouchLink 3.5-inch Cable Cubby Touchpanel. The TLP 350CV is the latest addition to the Extr

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InfoComm Products: June 2010

ALTINEX DA103- 302 DITTO-AMP HDMI 1X2 DISTRIBUTION AMPLIFIER Altinex’s DA103-302 Ditto-Amp HDMI distribution amplifier, frequently called a splitter, supports HDMI Version 1.3b with embedded

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New Products: September 2010

Wohler’s closed caption video monitor adaptor decodes and renders closed caption subtitles for any video monitor to display, conveniently allowing the operator to confirm the presence and accuracy of critical video and caption data using existing monitors that lack caption display capability.

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New Products : April 2010

Juice Goose CQR-1500 Juice Goose’s CQR-1500 is a rack mounted, 15-amp power sequencer. This product features AC power filtration and surge protection. It is remote controllable v