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AED Snags 60 New Barco 30K Projectors at ISE

Barco has signed a deal with AED Display at its ISE booth. Under the agreement, the company will purchase 20 Barco HDF-W30 FLEX projectors and upgrade 40 of its HDF-W26 projectors to 30,000 lumens. AED Display is the first European rental company to invest in Barco’s HDF-W30, which was launched just last week. By adding the HDF-W30 FLEX to its large rental pool, AED Display underscores its role in Europe’s AV market.

AED Display, part of the AED group, is a long-term Barco customer that rents out and sells light, video and sound equipment. To cater to its customers’ diverse needs, the group has an impressive range of high-quality equipment in stock – 35,000+ products – including Barco projectors, image processing equipment and LED screens.

“Our customers are always looking for new, better, brighter AV solutions to amaze their audiences. So when Barco announced a 30K lumens version of its excellent HDF-series, we immediately decided to add it to our rental stock,” said Thierry Heldenbergh, Managing Director of AED Display. “As the HDF-W30 shares its modular design, preview mode and ImagePRO scaling with our Barco HDX, HDF and HDQ projectors, it will be easy for us and for anyone renting the projectors to install, use and maintain them and exchange components, if needed.”

The next level of brightness

The 3-chip HDF-W30 FLEX projector is the latest addition to Barco’s HDX, HDF and HDQ projector ranges. Every projector in the family is powerful while ensuring very high brightness levels. The HDF-W30 FLEX takes brightness one step further still, offering 30,000 lumens. It is therefore ideal for premium large-screen projection. Moreover, the projector comes with FLEX brightness, as standard, so that rental companies have the flexibility to tune the projector’s brightness to a specific show – from 18,000 to 30,000 lumens in incremental steps of 2,000 lumens. AED has been an advocate of the unique FLEX feature since its introduction. Thierry Heldenbergh: “FLEX allows users to tailor the projector’s light output to the event in question, thus dramatically raising the flexibility and ROI.”